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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 78

The declining fortunes of Prabhakaran and ..................

[b]The declining fortunes of Prabhakaran and the rise of casteism in the north[/b]

[b]Part II ([i]Continued from yesterday[/i]) [/b]

Presenting the current situation of the LTTE S. Nagarajah wrote in the latest (October) issue of [i]Uthayam[/i], an Australian-based community newspaper: "Up until the Cease-fore Agreement (signed on February 22, 2002) Col. Karuna (the breakaway group from the LTTE) had recruited 6,000 cadres.

After the breakup with the LTTE Col Karuna dissolved these units.

Prabhakaran lost almost half his cadres with the breakup. Only about 7,000 were left in the Vanni stronghold of the LTTE. Of this around 2,000 were killed in tsunami that swept the coast of Mullativu. Among these were the new recruits. It is now estimated that Prabhakaran has recruited around 2,000 young kids and given them a military training.

The Jayanthan Force, a Batticoloa unit, is no longer functioning because 300 cadres of this Force, are detained in the Vanni. The current strength of the LTTE is estimated to be around 5000 consisting of one artillery unit, two female brigades, the Charles Anthony brigade plus Soosai's Sea Tigers. But he has not capable commanders to run the units. This explains why Prabhakaran is lying low.

In Batticoloa, it is reported that there are only about 300 trained LTTE cadres and around 500 in Trincomalee. They also have newly formed Border Force and rural defence force. But they are not fully trained. So Prabhakaran is not in a position to go to war with the forces. If the LTTE goes to war now they will be wiped out.

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