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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 79

Dhanapala Iterates Failure of International Community:......

[b]Dhanapala Iterates Failure of International Community: To Tame LTTE, Places Sri Lanka Case in Washington[/b]

Daya Gamage – US Correspondent to Asian Tribune

Washington, D.C. 9 September, ( Declaring that Sri Lanka’s separatist Tamil Tiger outfit, the LTTE, “is not the sole representative of the Tamil people” and endeavoring to change the mindset of Washington insiders saying that Tamil dissidents who express independent opinions outside the framework laid down by the LTTE are brutally eliminated, Sri Lanka’s Peace Secretariat head Jayantha Dhanapala reminded the international community here that they were so far ineffective in stemming the tide of grave ceasefire violations, insisting on resumption of talks or transforming the LTTE into a democratic institution.

The briefing on “The Sri Lanka Peace Process: the Role of the International Community” was convened by the Sri Lanka Congressional Caucus, a group of U.S. Congressmen teamed together as a forum to exchange views of mutual interest to both countries.

Held on Thursday, September 8 in the United States Congress building, Ambassador Jayantha Dhanapala was invited as the keynote speaker while former U.S. ambassador to Sri Lanka Teresita Schaffer, U.S. Congressmen Frank Pallone and Jerry Weller who head the Sri Lanka Congressional Caucus and Prof. John Richardson of the American University, who authored ‘Paradise Poisoned’, joined as panelists.

The Democratic Congressman from Illinois, Danny Davis, who toured the LTTE controlled areas with the auspices of the Tiger outfit’s front organization in the U.S., was in the audience listening to the submissions of the keynote speaker and the panelists.

Reminding his audience in Washington Congressional building who consisted of either policy makers or those who were in a position to influence them, Jayantha Dhanapala, who was once Sri Lanka’s ambassador in U.S. and under secretary for disarmament in U.N., said that “there is now a consensus emerging among civil society in Sri Lanka that a separate human rights agreement may be necessary to stem the tide of human rights violations by the LTTE” disclosing that the Sri Lanka government “has commenced a dialogue with the UN on the issue of addressing human rights within the peace process and that Lakhdar Brahmin, Special Advisor to UN Secretary General, was in Sri Lanka to discuss a possible UN role in this regard.

He said, “As a responsible democratic government committed to the rule of law and human rights, Sri Lanka government does not want to plunge the country back into armed conflict”, and reminded his Washington audience that the government is seriously engaged in a policy review (of the peace process) and outlined the areas it thought the policy review was necessary:

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