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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 78

Douglas Devanada - next?

Douglas Devanada has been able to prove it is possible to rule Sri Lanka together with the Sinhalese majority. He has done a good job and most Tamils in the South are happy with his work. The LTTE wants to kill all Tamils who do not support the LTTE and Devanada is their prime target since do not want to participate in a fascist terrorist state. Only Tamils that have no other option wants to live under a LTTE rule were they having no democratic rights. The LTTE support is dwindling and soon their finale hour has come.

Internationally they only have support from hardcore LTTE elements in the Tamil Diaspora. The Diaspora understands their financial contribution goes to funds more murders on Tamils and more Tamil children kidnapped. They also see the funds they have given to “good causes” has been embezzled by the local leadership and invested in the leadership’s private business ventures and property. Several properties in Colombo six has been bought for funds collected for the Tsunami victims.

The LTTE has also become unpopular due to attacks on the Tamil Broadcasting in London and numerous death treats. It is a matter of time before the LTTE is blacklisted as a terrorist organisation in Europe. Both intelligence agencies and organisations have started the registration process of LTTE sympathisers in order to prepare for a war crime tribunal when the evil regime is defeated.

It has been alleged the resent LTTE death treats in Europe has created paramilitaries ready to fight the LTTE. Counter actions against the LTTE in Europe will lead to a speedy approval of a terrorist listing of the LTTE (In the dark all cats are grey). Military actions against the LTTE in Europe will be a wake up call for European politicians.

Let us hope international action against the LTTE is taken before the LTTE kills Devanada or more EPDP and PLOTE members. There are now sufficient intelligence and satellite surveillance about the LTTE leadership whereabouts and bunkers to surgically take out the LTTE leadership. A few missiles could take out the top brass LTTE leadership and then the LTTE will be like a headless chicken. Unilateral actions from India or the US must be taken in order to avoid a low-tech conventional war with heavy casualties on both sides.

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