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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 81

Douglas Devananda nails the canards of the LTTE

[b]Douglas Devananda nails the canards of the LTTE[/b]

Douglas Devananda, Secretary General of the EPDP in an interview with the 'Asian Tribune' has refuted the latest LTTE’s propaganda.

He has pointed that the LTTE has resorted to its usual tactics of manufacturing evidence to throw mud its opponents.

"We took up to arms earlier because we thought that the separate state is the only solution to the problems confronting the Tamils. That was why we took up arms, waged war and started our struggle," the undaunted EPDP leader told. "Later after the signing of the Indo – Sri Lanka Accord we voluntarily gave up the armed struggle and joined the democratic mainstream fully believing that we would be able to achieve our aspirations through peaceful coexistence." He said, "However the problems are yet to be solved as Prabakaran has not joined the democratic mainstream, therefore problems confronting the Tamils continues to drag on." Douglas Devananda said that at that juncture when a large number of Tigers under the leadership of Colonel Karuna showed interest and came forward to join the democratic mainstream, "I openly supported and encouraged them."

He reminded, "I considered that my support for them to join the mainstream of national politics as obligatory."

He also added, "At the same time if they continue to pursue violence I will not be supporting them. This would be my position."

"As usual Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam charged us with numerous false allegations and at one stage prior to the signing of the ceasefire agreement with the government they came up with the allegations that we use to betray them." He hastened to add, "The truth is that they killed lot of our party members. Later even they were dealing with the Sri Lnkan government directly they continue to slaughter our members on various pretexts."

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