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Erik Solheim ruled out as new Norwegian Foreign Minister

[b]Erik Solheim ruled out as new Norwegian Foreign Minister[/b]

From our Oslo correspondent

[b] Oslo, 14 September, ( [/b] Erik Solheim is not likely to get the post of the Foreign Minister even though he is the spokesperson on foreign affairs of his party, Socialist Left (SV) ( Sosialistisk Venstreparti or SV), -- one of the partners in the centre-left coalition of Jens Stoltenberg, the Labour Leader and the next Prime Minster.

SV, however, was relatively battered at the polls and heads into a government coalition with just 8.7 percent of voter support and retained 15 seats only, a major loss of seats in Parliament. The Socialist Left party has 23 members in the present outgoing Parliament.

Party leader Kristin Halvorsen wasn't a happy woman because of her Party’s poor performance but vowed she'll nonetheless push her party's views in the new coalition, and expects to be be heard.

The Socialist Left party (SV) is seen as coming from the radical left opposed to USA. Its leader Kristin Halvorsen was under fire during the campaign for her anti-US stance. Per-Olav Lauvstad, national committee member from Akershus County, said that Halvorsen's recent remarks that USA is currently "the greatest threat to world peace" were not founded on the party platform.

SV party secretary Bård Vegar Solhjell dismissed the criticism.

"When we have heard Kristin Halvorsen discuss foreign policy in this campaign, I don't understand the criticism. Quite the opposite, I hear scare stories from the right about what will happen if SV gains power. This indicates that SV is quite clearly a party that wants a completely different direction than the tail-wagging for Bush that we have seen in recent years," Solhjell told the media.

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