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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 79

Has Nepal's Orange-Revolution Begun ?

[b]Has Nepal's Orange-Revolution Begun ? [/b]

By D. Michael Van de Veer - in Kathmandu

[b]Kathmandu, 06 April, ([/b]The Hindu Kingdom of Nepal, nestled in the Himalayan Mountains between India and China, has now passed the 10-year mark in the People’s War declared by the Maoists in 1996. At that time the Maoists controlled no more than 5% of the country. More than 3000 Nepalese have lost their lives in this brutal conflict between the central government and the Maoist rebels.

In 2001 the Maoists claimed to govern in almost 40% of Nepal. With rumors of a Peace Proposal between the Palace and the Maoists circulating, in what many Nepalese consider a Palace-Coup, former King Birendra and his entire immediate family were, on the night of June 1st, slaughtered in the Royal Palace and Birendra’s brother, King Gyanendra ascended to the throne.

It took only a few days for the new King Gyanendra to proclaim a temporary State of Emergency and Nepal’s 1990 experiment with democracy began to fade as the King moved away from Parliamentary rule and a Constitutional Monarchy toward Absolute Monarchy.

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