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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 78

Heroes Day celebrations in Vanni were not well attended

[b]Heroes Day celebrations in Vanni were not well attended by others from the Government controlled regions.[/b]

By Udara Soysa

[b]Colombo, 01 December, ( [/b]Contrary to the claims of Sudaroli, the unofficial LTTE mouth piece and the other pro LTTE Tamil newspapers in Colombo, the statistical data shows that the recent LTTE Heroes Day Celebration was not a complete success in the Vanni.

According to the recorded statistics, on an average day, a fleet of 600 vehicles and about 4000 civilians move into un-cleared areas through Omanthai entry/exit point.

However, on last "Heroes Day," which was a Sunday, 27 November, only 300 vehicles and around 1400 civilians sought entry into the un-cleared areas, in spite of strict orders given by Tamil Tigers to civilians to attend LTTE ceremonies in Elephant Pass, and in Jaffna.

Civilian sources told "Asian Tribune" that they are not interested in participating in events sponsored by LTTE or any other political group, but they are more concern on living a peaceful life with a proper livelihood.

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