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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 82

To hold a brief for the Tamil Tigers.

[b]To hold a brief for the Tamil Tigers.[/b]

"If the military occupation of the North East is ended, and GOSL renounces State Terrorism, there would be peace in not only the North and East but also the whole of Sri Lanka. It is essential that foreign governments such as the US, India, and Britain identify that 'terrorism problem' emanates from the 'state'. GOSL also needs to accept that they have to equally divide the foreign aids, which they have denied the Tamils and stolen from them for decades," writes Donald Jayantha Gnanakone.

Donald Jayantha Gnanakone wrote this "Letter to the Editor" in response to the news item US tells LTTE: stop violence or pay dearly that appeared in the "Asian Tribune."

The full text of the letter written by Donald Jayantha Gnanakone's to the Editor, "Asian Tribune" is given below:

Dear Editor,

Your article will give additional "Dutch Courage", to the Singhalese.

Poor fellows will be led to the slaughterhouse like the - Pied Piper. None of us want to see that. The casualties would be very much higher on a monthly basis than what we have seen in December (122) and January. There would also be increased civilian casualties as well as collateral damages on both sides.

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