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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 110

How many Expatriates Tamils willing to live under LTTE rule?

I have seen many expats Tamils speak fervently glorifing the LTTE and their violent acts in Europe and North America. According to them it would be the LTTE that can bring the Tamils happiness and prosperity. But how many of them would be ready to go back and live under the LTTE rule if such a situation arose? I doubt even a single digit percentage of those who now live in the western countries would ever be willing to do so! and if so, even that single digit too, would be comprising only some senior people. Because they would not mind dying in a foreign country or in their country of birth. Their sons and daughters will never ever go back to live in the country of their perents. They are not going to be affected at all by war or peace in SL. The only good thing for them is that, if there is no war, then they can just visit SL and show off their western style of life to their poor relatives who suffer all sort of hardships there. They know it very well, and that's why those expatriates tamils support LTTE & terrorism without any consciousness at all. If anyone denies it, then he / she lies shamelessly, and has no concern for people who suffers. It's like drinking beer and eating some edibles while watching a deer or some other weaker animals being killed by a Tiger in the Discovery channel on TV. People often forget humanism in the name of false nationalism. Nationalism becomes venomous chauvanism where humanism is absent, that it destroys the very existence of the people who cry for nationalism.

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