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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 79

I'm a real sufferer by Toshiba Corp with reason.

[i](This is a sequel to my thread "I'm a real sufferer by Toshiba Corp with reason.", I had wanted to simply make this thread.)[/i]

On Feb 18, 2006, I moved my home from Beauheim Motoi 301, 2-16-7 Kameari Katsushika-ku Tokyo, Japan ???????????2-16-7 ????????301 to Senyu Heiz 2-101, 2-12-28 Shimoshakujii Nerima-ku Tokyo, Japan ?????????????2-12-28 ?????2-101 and I unwillingly started to live with my parents.
I am really afraid that a parent or I may be mind-controlled by Toshiba Corp and a parent or I may kill me or parents. Because I can't/couldn't work for a company for Toshiba's 24 hrs mind-control abuse.
Now (since surely 2005) in Japan, the affair that a jobless or dependent late 30s kills his old parents is so many. (I hope this can stop Toshiba's murder.)

And therefore, I couldn't keep the kitchen side of my iron pipe of water supply in my kitchen broken on Jun 13, 2002 by Toshiba Corp ( But I have the exit side of the iron pipe. (I have to repair it at lesser 100,000 (under the assessment) yen.)

Of course, I will go to a strong humanist country (America, Germany, France, South Korea or another) in 2006 if I can solve my money problem. (I think America or GE needs me against World's No. 1 risky terrorist Toshiba's buying Westinghouse.) I'm a crime sufferer by Toshiba Corp. But Japanese Government doesn't help me.
I am also afraid Japanese politicians and police persons may falsely announce Seitaro Kanamaru has mental retardation. Japan has been occupied by Toshiba persons like PM Junichiro Koizumi and Toshiba-Ogikai ???? police men. No Japanese can oppose Toshiba Corp.
I knew on Feb 20, 2006 my father's familyname Kanamaru (??) was changed into Kanemaru (??) by a governmental office, when my father started to be given his pension in 1997 (maybe, but after Dec 1, 1999 in real). And I might change my familyname Kanamaru into Kanemaru on Feb 20, 2006. (But I don't change my name as much as I can.) I very much care it. A governmental office wrongly recorded my father's familyname Kanemaru as Kanamaru, therefore, my parents had used Kanamaru since they married (before 1969).

I bought 3 books - "?????????????" ("The expansion of Mind-control" in English) (1995), ISBN-4-8074-9513-5, "????????????????" (original "Angels don't play this HAARP - Advances in Tesla technology" by Dr. Nick Begich and Jeane Manning) (1997), ISBN4-05-400839-9 and "?????????????????????????" ("The evolution of America's Mind-control Technology" in English) (2003), ISBN4-434-03507-X and 1 DVD - "??????? ???????????" (original "Control Factor") (2003). I knew of them in Dec 2005.
I want book "?????? ?????????? - ??????????????" ("Evil paranormal psychological Mind-control - The threat secret weapon USA and USSR developed" in English) (1983) by (unfamous) scientist and professor Morimichi Kuramae ???? (and planned and edited by famous journalist Kenichi Takemura ????) but it isn't sold now. (My father went to Pema Gyalpo's lecture and got his book "?????" ("Evil war theory" in English) on a day in Dec 2005. In the book, Mr. Pema Gyalpo respects the late Mr. Morimichi Kuramae. My father wasn't like him. He was clearly mind-controlled by good or bad someone. Anyway, my father doesn't want to read the book, I think.)

I have my bag with my documents about Toshiba's corporate crime to me, the iron pipe of water supply broken by Toshiba's microwave and book "?????????????" whenever I go out.

Still, by Feb 24, 2006 morning after my Feb 18, 2006 move of home, some craziest Toshiba persons, Shigeru Otsuka ???, Toshihiro Sawaoka ??????, Tetsu Oishi ???, Yoshiaki Nishimoto ????, Nanba ?? and Katsumi Kobayashi ???? broke nothing. I feel they watch me now the 1st week after my move, especially Feb 22 to 24 mornings.
On the 3rd or 4th day after my Feb 26, 2000 move of home from Capital Kitaayase A101, 4-19-7 Ooyata Adachi-ku Tokyo, Japan ????????????4-19-7 ????????A101 to Beauheim Motoi 301, 2-16-7 Kameari Katsushika-ku Tokyo, Japan ???????????2-16-7 ????????301, the Toshiba persons broke my amplifier.

I care Livedoor ????? or Takafumi Horie ???? faced fatal crisis. Simply because I use Livedoor's free BBS service. The service wasn't Livedoor's in Aug 2003 (and couldn't be retrieved). Livedoor bought the company in 2004 and didn't delete my site and, on the contrary, my site can be retrieved. (But I don't believe Livedoor isn't a Toshiba persons' company.) I believe Atsutoshi Nishida ???? ordered his workers to delete my site.
I care president (mayby, and founder) Katsuya Wada ???? of Naturally Plus Co.,Ltd ????????? ( was arrested for his suspicion of having drugs on Feb 17, 2006 and was fired on Feb 18, 2006. I knew it from Asahi Shimbun ???? Feb 24, 2006 morning. I've suspected he is a Toshiba (mind-control sales) venture president from Toshiba R&D. Because my father who was mind-controlled by Toshiba corporate criminal leader Tomohiro Takahashi ???? or someone Toshiba laborer criminal leader said he wanted to send me his monthly (black) money from Naturally Plus business on Dec 23, 2004.

[i](In my case, the criminals mainly are Tomohiro Takahashi ???? and Shigeru Ootsuka ??? of Toshiba General Affairs Division and Kiichi Ogata ?????? and Toshihiro Sawaoka ?????? (an employee of DVD trading section) of Toshiba IEG Division. They worked as Toshiba-Ogikai member for Taizo Nishimuro ????, Toshiba President in Apr 1999. Cowardly Toshiba persons perfectly interrupt my e-mailing on and my accessing to US Senator homepages from Dec 23, 2005. Although I think I go to Washington DC to be rescued from Toshiba's crime mind-control-abuse in Mar 2006.
I still can't open my e-mail box at for snake Toshiba's interruption from Dec 23, 2005. And I confirmed on Feb 23, 2006 Toshiba Corp interrupts my printing my documents on PC. It is for Nishida's order, I believe. Toshiba President Atsutoshi Nishida ???? mind-control-drives yen cheaper and oil higher and will mind-control-sell HD DVD hard and soft, SED TV set and nuclear power equipments.
(Toshiba executive who talked me, a stranger, on a day in Jul 1998 (after a day in Nov 1997) is Tadashi Okamura ???, not Nishimuro nor Nishida.))[/i]

by Seitaro Kanamaru ?????, a Japanese
[i]I am an Mind-Control Victim by Toshiba Corp since 1997.
(My face is at
* My site in Japanese[/i]

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