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Who is this Daya Master?

Colombo, 16 July, ( Velayutham Thayanithi also known as Daya Master, the media spokesman of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam was discharged from hospital in Colombo yesterday. He safely passed through the Omanthai entry-exit point at about 1 PM on his return to Killinochchi after being treated at Apollo hospital.

Earlier on last Wednesday, Daya Master was transported to Apollo hospital for treatment when the government acceded to a request made by the LTTE.

Now it begins to unfold that the Government of Sri Lanka had an understanding with the Tamil rebel outfit when allowing Daya Master for treatment in Colombo. Accordingly, it seems that LTTE agreed to release police Sub Inspector Bandujeewa Bopitigoda, who is being held in their custody since September 2005.

Unfortunately, there was no way of confirming this version of ‘understanding’of the Government independently.

However, in the end it became clear that the LTTE went back on its word, refused to release the Policeman under their captivity.

Reacting to the developing situation, Peace Secretariat Chief Dr Palitha Kohona said that the LTTE had acted in a "despicable manner" by going back on the earlier promise to release the policeman.

"The government behaved properly, gave treatment to Daya Master on humanitarian grounds. The LTTE does not have decency to reciprocate" he told the ‘Sunday Observer.’

"It has gone against all acceptable norms, and behaved in the most despicable manner," he said.

"It has gone back on its word to release him (policeman) and this was only a ruse to ensure the safe passage for Daya Master," added Dr.Kohona.

However, Daya Master’s arrival to Colombo and departure to Vanni has created a stir in the country.

Meanwhile, according to reports from Vanni, Daya Master has arrived in Vanni safely and is now in his home resting.

In the meantime,, Tamil news portal has released the profile of the LTTE media spokesman under the heading “Who is this Daya Master?” Accordingly, the profile details of Daya Master are as follows:

Daya Master alias Velayutham Thayanithi, is at present, one of the senior members of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam. He is from Thambasiddy, Puloly West, Point Pedro – a region in Vadamaradchy.

He started life as a private tutor in English language and was running a private tuition centre in Puloly.Daya Master :started life as a private tutor in English language and was running a private tuition centre in Puloly.Daya Master :started life as a private tutor in English language and was running a private tuition centre in Puloly.

As he developed a good command in English language and was a popular language tutor in Vadamaradchy, he was called Thaya (Daya) Master.

While he was in Point Pedro, he had established contacts with the Tiger movement. Tigers began to recognize him as one of their strong supporters. They gradually began to take him into their fold.

Earlier when Chandrika Kumaratunga was elected as the President of the country for the first time in 1994, there began a trickle of the VIPs from the south to meet the LTTE leaderships.

Media personnel, Buddhist monks, left political leaders began their journey to Jaffna. During those days, Daya Master met the dignitaries from the South near the Kilaly lagoon and took them to the Jaffna city. He was one in the forefront in those days in receiving the VIPS from the South Sri Lanka.

Then it was Thillayampalan Sivanesan alias Soosai from Polikandy, the present special commander of the Sea Tigers, who was earlier the LTTE’s head of the Vadamardchy division, brought Daya Master to the attention of the outfit’s leader Prabakaran. From that very day onwards, Daya Master’s position as media spokesman was confirmed.

However according to, during the days when Indian Peace Keeping Forces (IPKF) were present in the North and East, Daya Master survived a certain death threat by the Eelam People Revolutionary Left Front (EPRLF).

Suresh Premachandran one of the leaders of the EPRLF has left an order to his cadres not to spare a single LTTE’rs whenever anyone of them was arrested.

“Dump the LTTE bastards,” that was Suresh Premachandra’s standing order to his EPRLF cadres.

Therefore, once Daya Master was arrested by the EPRLF, on the orders of Suresh Premachandran, he was tortured and ordered to be killed.

But by a quirk of fate his case was transferred to Sugi for further interrogation, who was at that time a middle level leader of the EPRLF.

Reports revealed that Daya Master pleaded with Sugi not to harm him and narrated the pitiable plight of his family and begged him to release him.

Sugi was moved by Daya Master’s story and released him to be survived today.

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