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LTTE propaganda boomerangs again

Colombo, 08 August, ( The discrepancies in the reporting of pro-Tamil websites have cast doubts on the latest accusations hurled at the Security Forces alleging that artillery shells fired by the Navy and the Army had killed 15 civilians and injured 20 others.

The leading pro-LTTE website, TamilNet ran a story on the alleged shelling of Muttur villages by the Sri Lankan Army. According to this story the shelling took place "around 7 p.m." on August 6, 2006. But the pictures published to back up the story records the time of taking the pictures of the dead and the injured between 12. 37 p.m. and 12. 40 p.m.

The auto-recording of the time is revealed at the bottom right hand corner.

(See attached pictures).

Civilians wounded in artillery attack in NallurCivilians wounded in artillery attack in Nallur

Analysts question as to how an incident that took place "around 7.15 p.m." August 6, 2006, according to the LTTE, was photographed over five hours earlier. Victims of SLA artillery shell attacks in LTTE territory in TrincomaleeVictims of SLA artillery shell attacks in LTTE territory in Trincomalee

Since the camera doesn't lie who is it who is lying?

The pictures look genuine but it is the story spun around the pictures that is in doubt. Is the LTTE attempting to link the dead bodies picked from elsewhere to the firing of the Army and the Navy? Suddenly this image has been removed from the websiteSuddenly this image has been removed from the website

In the latest escalation of violence LTTE has been working desperately to win sympathy it has lost by exaggerating its victories, or by hurling unsubstantiated allegations against the Sri Lankan government. For instance, it claimed that it had asked the Red Cross to be ready to take over the 40 bodies of Sri Lankan Security Forces killed in action. But Red Cross denied that the LTTE had made any such request.

It is possible that the LTTE is working desperately to win the sympathy of the public by displaying dead bodies. But the LTTE propagandists have failed to convince the public by writing details which are not substantiated by the pictures it had published.

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2nd lead
SLA shelling kills 15 civilians, injures 20
[TamilNet, August 06, 2006 16:15 GMT]

TamilNet photopageTamilNet photopageAt least 15 Tamil civilians were killed and 20 others were seriously injured when artillery shells fired by the Sri Lanka Army and Sri Lanka Navy Sunday hit Nallur and Upooral villages in the Muttur east and Eachchilampathu division in the south of Trincomalee district. This incident took place Sunday night around 7.15 p.m., sources in Muthur said.

Upooral and Nallur are among the several coastal villages in the LTTE held territory in the Trincomalee district, sources said
Members of the civil society have gone to these villages to collect more details about the dead and the injured in the deadly artillery attack by the Sri Lankan government troops.

Further details are not known.

The attack comes hours after the LTTE's Political leadership told the visiting Norwegian special envoy, Jon Hanssen-Bauer, that they are willing to re-open the sluice gates at Maavil Aaru.

Later, Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission officials, Liberation Tigers Political Head S. Elilan and civilian representatives who went to Maavil Aaru to re-open the sluice gates came under Sri Lanka Army artillery attack.

Sri Lankan Government Secretariat for Co-ordinating the Peace Process (SCOPP) said in press release that the Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission (SLMM) had entered this area unannounced.

SCOPP informed the SLMM Headquarters in Colombo and sought the withdrawal of the SLMM from this operational area in order to prevent endangering the lives of SLMM Monitors," the press release further said.

The SLMM has not yet commented on the incident.

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