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Permission to move the critically wounded girl students from Kilinochchi to Colombo denied.

Colombo, 17 August, ( : Parents of those critically wounded dozens of girl students afflicted in the air raid on 14 August at Vallipunam on Paranthan-Mullaithivu road in Mullaithievu have resigned to the fate of their daughters, as the leaders of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) have refused to grant permission to take them for treatment in hospitals in Colombo.

It is learnt that dozens of girl students who are critically wounded are languishing in the hospital in Kilinochchi for want of medical facilities despite the doctor’s great efforts to safeguard them.

In the meantime, on the representation made by Minister Douglas Devananda, it is learnt that President Mahinda Rajapakse has agreed to grant necessary treatment facilities to these critically wounded girl students in the Colombo hospitals.

Earlier on 14 August, a doctor in the Kilinochchi Civil Hospital who was treating the wounded students, said in an interview with BBC that as there was no medical facilities available at the hospital to treat the critically wounded girl students. He emphasized that they should be moved immediately to hospitals in Colombo and Kandy for further treatment to save their lives.

Following the revelation by the Doctor about the existing lack of medical facilities in the Kilinochchi hospital, parents of the girl students appealed to Sri Lanka President to allow their critically injured daughters for treatment in the hospitals in Colombo.

When the President agreed to provide treatment facilities in Colombo, the LTTE has told the parents that there is no need for their children to be taken to Colombo for treatment. They have simply told that all facilities are available in the Kilinochchi civil hospital, therefore moving to Colombo the critically wounded girl students is not necessary.

However it was pointed out of the double standard adopted by LTTE leadership when it comes to the treatment of their leaders and that of the ordinary Tamil civilians living in the areas under their control.

When LTTE media spokesman Daya Master was recently suffered from a bout of angina (angina pectoris - Latin for squeezing of the chest) Sri Lankan President was urgently approached and special treatment arrangements were provided to him in the Colombo Apollo hospital.

According to medical experts Daya Master’s illness of angina could have been treated in Kilinochci as it was just a chest discomfort that occurs when the blood oxygen supply to an area of the heart muscle does not meet the demand. According to medical experts that symptoms of Angina typically lasts from 1 to 15 minutes and is relieved by rest or by placing a nitroglycerin tablet under the tongue.

But in the case of critically wounded girls students LTTE has simply denied the appeal by the parents to move their daughters from the Kilinochchi hospital to Colombo. Why?

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