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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 74

Sencholai training camp

The government vehemently rejects the allegation leveled by the pro-LTTE websites on the Air Force attack at a so-called 'children's' home' in Mullaitivu. We have ample proof that it is a military training centre. These are the photographs of Velupillai Prabhakaran in his stripped military uniform opening the new wing of the training centre. SencholaiSencholai

Prabhakaran makes it a point to don a safari suit or a white bush shirt when attending civilian functions. Here he is in military fatigue, a clear indication that this is training centre. You can see uniformed Tigers hovering around in these photographs.

The training centre is named after Sencholai, the first LTTE female cadre to die in the battle field.

As the Military spokesman, Brigadier Athula Jayawardana pointed out the targets were pre identified and the locations are well confirmed via very reliable intelligence sources. And it was under the surveillance of the army for three years before they planted this attack.

A video clip, which clearly reflects the true side of the campsite, was shown at a media briefing on Tuesday.

The LTTE is attempting to create a false remark by mentioning their transit camp, earlier as a 'school' and then as a 'nurses' training centre' then lastly and recently as an 'orphanage'SencholaiSencholai

The fact that it was situated in an un-cleared non-residential area, clearly support the government’s action to attack this camp.

Although now, the LTTE is shredding crocodile tears on murders of innocent children it is them who have been continuously violating the rights of the children not only north and east but in the other regions of Sri Lanka.

If we consider the recent past from the time the Cease-fire agreement was taken to action there are many incidents where the world community reported of the LTTE violations of the child rights. Since January 2002, UNICEF has recorded 5,368 cases of reported child recruitment in Sri Lanka. "Of particular importance remains the unresolved situation of child recruitment, which led UNICEF to yet again appeal to LTTE to cease the recruitment of children and to release all children within its ranks," UNICEF said.

According to the Hamilton Spectator of Human Rights Watch in UNICEF said last April, the Tamil children are vulnerable to recruitment beginning at the age of 11 or 12. The LTTE routinely visits Tamil homes to inform parents that they must provide a child for the "movement." Families that resist are harassed and threatened.

Parents are told that their child may be taken by force if they do not comply, that other children in the household or the parents will be taken in their stead, or that the family will be forced to leave their home. The LTTE makes good on these threats.

Once recruited, most children are allowed no contact with their families. The LTTE subjects them to rigorous and sometimes brutal training. They learn to handle weapons, including landmines and bombs, and are taught military tactics. Children who make mistakes are frequently beaten. Children who try to run away are typically beaten in front of their entire unit. Thus, it is funniest thing is this kind of terrorist organization now appears on behalf child rights.

It is well known fact that the Tamil children of North and East provinces are deprived of school education by the LTTE. The LTTE has made it a habit to force children to various protest campaigns just to show off to the world that they are being supported by the Tamil youth. However, the so-called liberator chief - Prbhakaran does all these atrocities against the Tamil children whilst his own daughter is studying to be a medical doctor at a prestige medical school in Europe.

The government of Sri Lanka has many times urged the international community to take strong action against the LTTE to stop child soldiering. The SLMM itself recently confirmed that the number of child soldiers held by LTTE is over 3000.

It should be understood that the decision of Sri Lanka to repulse the LTTE did not come about over night. It has been through years of painful patience and grave losses that the government was compelled to move her military.

Few days ago it killed hundred of civilians and made 40,000 others to flee from their homes in the east. Further, it caused damages to 15,000 innocent civilians whose lives are at stake by cutting off the water supply of Mavil Aru. Now the bombs are exploded in the southern cities whilst many other plans of attack are being disclosed.

In this backdrop there is no other alternative for the government than to eliminate the terrorism for the safety of its people. No government in the world can risk the lives of millions for satanic demands of sew racist maniacs.

Through any counter terrorist operation levels off a threat for the civilian population living at the hostage of the terrorists; it is indeed praise worthy how the Sri Lankan military has been handling their war against terrorism so far. The professionalism acquired by the security forces in anti terrorist warfare has enabled them to defeat one of the most ruthless terrorist organizations in the world. Security forces personnel able to cause the minimum damage to the civilians who are being used as a "human shield" and their property.

Had it not being for the freedom enjoyed by the LTTE terrorist in many countries of the world, mainly due to the world community being deceived by LTTE about their true nature along with the betrayals of many ambitious political leaders; the LTTE would have been long defeated.

The contributions made by the LTTE, to help and assist other terrorist organizations in the world subtly and manipulating, are today an open secret the public know much about.

Child soldiering is a war crime the world strongly condemns. It is reliably understood that the children among the other youth who lost their lives inside the terrorist base, were indeed the victims of a barbaric organization.

The LTTE propagandist however, disclosed the hoarding of innocent civilians forcibly to LTTE military training bases many times during past few months. It is ironic that if those pro- LTTE media men says that the LTTE were conducting a class for first -aid training for " School Girls" in a Monday morning when those ' School Children' should be at their proper schools.

- Sri Lanka Government Information Department -

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