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German NGO's duplicity exposed

By Janaka Perera

Colombo, 19 August, ( forty years ago novelist Ian Fleming’s creation, James Bond, inspired a Sri Lankan movie maker to direct a spy thriller titled Jamis Banda, with the late Gamini Fonseka playing the lead role as the Sri Lankan-born British secret agent Banda. However, in this film the bad guys are not the Soviet Russians as in most James Bond movies, but a German Nazi group, which slips into Sri Lanka (then Ceylon) after roaming in disguise in several countries following Germany’s defeat in World War II. Once safe in their hideout here, they don Nazi uniforms.

In the movie these terrorists threaten to blow up the city of Colombo with a nuclear bomb unless the world’s major powers pay the group billions of dollars so that Nazis can stage a come back in Europe with the force of arms and `liberate’ the German people.

At the time this movie was screened here, Velupillai Prabakaran the founding father of the Sri Lanka’s Nazi-style `Tamil liberation’ movement would not have been more than six or seven years old.

Four decades later, the film version became a reality with only a few changes. VP and his group donned uniforms, blasted bombs in Colombo and elsewhere, engaged in ethnic cleansing and held the country to ransom with the active cooperation of some Germans (among other Westerners) who masquerade as peacemakers. The LTTE racists have even imitated their Western counterparts, giving Nazi-style salutes at ceremonial events. They are making maximum use of the claymore mine that Hitler’s Germany invented in World War II, to create havoc in Sri Lanka.

Turning a blind eye to all this is the Wanni Tigers’ German benefactors the Berghof Foundation. The BF’s double game is exposed in their cordiality towards a gang of `black’ Nazi imitators in Sri Lanka whereas in Germany the Constitution strictly prohibits promoting Nazism or helping neo-Nazi groups in that country or elsewhere in Europe.

If the Berghof bosses are genuinely committed to promoting peace, and democracy in Sri Lanka as they pretend why have they not condemned in the strongest possible terms `Fuehrer’ Prabhakaran’s despotic rule in the North? It should have been the first thing in their agenda unless they are trying to hoodwink the world. The BF and other assorted local and foreign `anti-war’ crusaders to date have not seriously called for political pluralism in LTTE-dominated areas. Instead they work overtime to convince the world that any serious condemnation of Prabhakaran’s tyranny amounts to `obstructing the peace process.’ Bergdorf's links with VP’s rogue state in the North reminds us of Hitler’s agents in former Czechoslovakia where they helped the German dictator to seize the country in the name of liberating of the ethnic German minority on her Northern border (Sudetenland).

The irony here is that the German Nazi regime at least had some legitimacy since Hitler’s party won the 1933 elections to the Reichstag, whereas the LTTE has absolutely no legal basis to claim Tamils’ sole representative status. Yet the Berghof humbugs do not care a hoot. Their blueprint for `lasting peace’ is `right sizing’ Sri Lanka’s armed forces so that their strength and power will not surpass that of the Wanni Tigers no matter that these terrorists have waged a separatist war against a legally constituted State over the past 20 years. All these BF `peace’ strategies are formulated under cover of `restructuring’ the defence establishment, introducing better discipline, awareness of human rights and transparency in the State’s armed forces.

The BF’s primary objective is to convince those in the seats of power in the South that military power should not be used against the LTTE, which according to the likes of Berghof, can never be neutralized. Part of this dubious campaign is to get the State withdrew troops from the areas, especially High Security Zones they now occupy in the North and East or at least to explore the possibility of isolating the security force units so they are vulnerable to LTTE attacks.

To reach its goal, the BF has been busy granting scholarships to Sri Lankan military personnel (among others), sending them on foreign trips and organizing workshops for them so that the end result will be soldiers who are not willing to fight but ever ready to accept `political solutions’ virtually on Tigers’ terms!
Berghof’s political clout is a classic example of the pathetic level to which Sri Lanka has sunk. In which other country does the State permit a foreign NGO to promote within the administrative machinery views contrary to accepted national policy? Which other State allows a foreign NGO to give equal recognition to the country’s legitimate security forces and an illegal separatist rebel group? Which other democratic nation permits an NGO to covertly discourage its troops from facing a fascist enemy?

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