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New organisation claims responsibility for killingRaviraj – second "Tamil traitor," and warns other Tamil MPs to leave Tigers

Colombo, 11 November, ( Seerum Padai (Aggressive Force) a new organization has claimed responsibility for the killing of the Tamil National Alliance Member of Parliament NadarajahRaviraj, according to a Tamil Website.

This previously unknown organization claims in a statement sent to a Tamil News website that they were also responsible for the killing of Joseph Pararajasingham. Seerum Padai has issued a warning to the other MPs urging them to quit the Tigers if they do not want to be included in their list of Tamil traitors.
Earlier on 27 December 2005, another organization called Sennan Padai (Force of Sennan) claimed responsibility for the killing of Joseph Pararajasingham.

Though the names of these two organisation claiming responsibility for the killing of the two MPs vary both have acted against Tiger MPs. In December 2005 handbills claiming responsibility for the killings by Sennan Padai were widely distributed all over the Batticalao and Amparai districts. Like Seerum Padai, the new striking force, Senan Padai also warned the other TNA members of Parliament – i.e. Jayananthamoorthy, Hariyendran, Sampanthan, Thurairatnasingham, Kanagasabai, Pathmanathan, and Thangeswary -- to resign from their parliamentary membership forthwith and lead a peaceful life.

The rhetoric in the declamation of the TNA MPs run on similar lines. When Pararajasingham was shot dead in a Church, Sennan Padai said:

"Beloved residents of the East.

The traitor of the soil of the East and that of the people has been eradicated. Sennan Padai claims responsibility for the murder of Joseph Pararajasingham, the traitor of our Tamil nation.

Death Sentence has been executed on Joseph Pararajasingham by us who belongs to the Senan Padai, for the treacherous acts committed against the Tamils of the East and to our land by him and also for conniving with the Vanni Tigers, paving way for a war to decimate the Tamils of the East."

Seerum Padai’s statement on the death of Raviraj too echoes this line. (See full text below).

Political analysts say that these new clandestine organizations, obviously opposed to the Tigers, are becoming a serious threat to the Vanni Tigers who are already facing the Sri Lankan Forces. It is generally recognized that the TNA MPs in parliament are the proxies of the Tigers. These MPs use the parliamentary forum to demonstrate and disrupt proceedings of the House on issues affecting the Tiger interests.

Political analysts also say that the TNA MPs are not likely to back off at this stage even though their lives are stake. Analysts see the killings as a copy-cat act of the "Karuna Group" targeting their Tiger rivals in the Vanni. The Tigers were the first to target Tamil MPs who were not allied to them. They had virtually decimated the cream of the Jaffna Tamil leadership, from A. Amirthalingam to Neelan Tiruchelvam. Constant killing of Tamil rivals has become rather a common sport in separatist politics.

It is also doubtful as to how much protection the Sri Lankan government can provide the TNA MPs because the record proves that not even the Sri Lankan government could provide adequate protection to their ministers and presidents when they were targeted by the Tigers. Judging from the warning issued by the Seerum Padai Tamil MPs are most likely to be the next set of high profile targets in the cyclical violence in Sri Lanka.

Here is the full text of the statement released by the Seerum Padai:

In violation of our warning Raviraj, a Tamil National Alliance MP who continued to lick the boots of the Tigers, was killed this morning for the better future of the Tamil community.

Last 25 December another member of the Tamil National Alliance, Joseph Pararajasingham, who was singing on behalf of the Vanni Tigers while being in our homeland, was punished. The punishment meted out to Raviraj is a continuation of our commitment to convey a serious message to those who betray our homeland.

Without comprehending the agony of the Tamils and their sufferings the Tamil members of Parliament think that they are fulfilling their duty to the Tamil people by playing the comic role of being spokespersons for the Tigers.

How can they be the representatives of the Tamils when they reside in Colombo with the security provided by the Sri Lanka Government?

It must be clearly understood that they have no protection whether they live in Colombo or even in the Vanni.

This is the second warning and if anyone of you try to ignore this then understand clearly that none of you will not be given the one year gap that is there between the killing of Joseph Pararajasingham and Raviraj.

This warning is to remind you that it will be good for everyone of you to spend your balance period of your life with your family, isolating yourself from the Vanni Tigers.

If this warning is not observed we wish to inform all of you that nothing can prevent your names being included in the list of Tamil traitors.

Seerum Padai,

10 .11. 2006

- Asian Tribune -

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