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Prabhakaran celebrates his 52 birthday with increased oppression of Tamils

Today is the 52 birthday of Velupillai Prabhakaran, the self-proclaimed "sole representative of the Tamils". He is celebrating it alone because his wife and children are abroad enjoying all the bread, rice and curries denied to the people imprisoned in areas controlled by him. V.Prabakaran  – not today. Sometime in the previous yearsV.Prabakaran – not today. Sometime in the previous years

Tomorrow he will celebrate in his Heroes’ Day speech the sacrifices made in his name by the Tamil children and adults who were either abducted or brain-washed to serve in his "baby brigades," women’s brigades, suicide brigades and the militant units. One of the remarkable growth industries under his one-man rule has been the proliferation of cemeteries to bury the ever-increasing victims of his thirty-year-old war.

At 52 his stature among the Tamils has diminished despite the horizontal expansion of his 5’ 2” stocky torso. Besides, not all Tamils accept his claim that he is the "sole representative of the Tamils”. The Tamil community which initially rallied round him is now divided deeply between those who hero-worship him and those who reject as the unexpected evil that came out of their aspirations to create an ethnic state for the Tamils. His decline in popularity began after he launched his serial killing of Tamil rivals. He not only hijacked Tamil nationalism which was fathered by Tamil leaders like Appapillai Amirthalingam but never hesitated to brutally gun down the fathers of separatism, one by one, to consolidate his spurious claim of being "the sole representative of the Tamil people."

His international image too tumbled down like Humpty Dumpty. Not all the king’s men and horses can put his shattered image together again. No other Tamil leader has ruined the image of the Tamils like Velupillai Prabhakaran. His inhuman violence has earned the wrath of the civilised world which has not hesitated to ban him. He will have to forever live in his hide-outs in the Vanni not only because he is wanted by Interpol India and Sri Lanka but also by his Tamil victims who are not likely to forgive even if the rest of the world is prepared to do so.

He is not likely to forget the year 2006 – his annus horribilis. This is the year in which Canada, where the pro-Tiger Tamils exert their biggest political clout, banned him. Flattering statements from S. P. Tamilselvan that "Canada is our best friend" failed to win results for the Tigers. Then on May 14 he was floored when the 25-nation European Union joined Canada, UK, India, USA in banning him. Earlier Australia has banned him under international law. Malaysia too has taken steps to tie them down.

One of his biggest achievements is his success in reducing the population of Tamils in the north and the east. Those whom he could not incarcerate, torture, kill or keep them inside open prisons by planting land mines as in Vaharai have fled, like Prof. Ratnajeevan Hoole, to democratic countries in search of their dignity, security and liberty. The denial of the basic freedom to even crack a joke against him has turned the areas controlled by him into a Pol Potist gulag. Those who live in the Vanni and Jaffna always look over their shoulder and talk in whispers if they have to express an opinion contrary to that of the Tigers. Even leading Churchmen like Bishop Thomas Savundranayagam, who has the full freedom to criticize the Sri Lankan government without any reprisals, is very obedient to Velupillai Prabhakaran and has not uttered a word against the documented oppression and the persecution of the Tamils and Tamil children by his protégé.

V. Anandasangaree, the leader of the TULF, is questioning Erik Solheim as to whether he has visited the hidden concentration camps in the Vanni where the abducted dissident Tamils are tortured. But Bishop Savundranayagam talks of "the open prison" of Jaffna, implying that the Government of Sri Lanka has imprisoned the people of Jaffna by not supplying food to them, without ever raising the war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by the "pathological killer" protected by the silence of the Churches.

Over the years, Prabhakaran’s credibility as "the saviour of Tamils" has nose dived among the Tamil community, mainly because he has targeted the Tamil community increasingly to maintain his grip over them. He is dependent on suppressing his own community to be on top of his community. His biggest weapon is his killing machine that has liquidated Tamils since he got his first Tamil scalp, Alfred Duraiyappah, in 1975. He has virtually lost count of the number of Tamils he has eliminated since then.

His penchant for killing Tamils more than others questions the validity of Heroes’ Day celebrations. His Mahamanthir awards are conferred only on those

Tamils who had died to keep him in power and not to the dedicated Tamils who had worked to advance the cause of the community in various spheres. . This year the Celebrations’ Week has been cut down to three days. This is an oblique confession that the Tamils are loosing interest in celebrating his cult of death.

His long arm to oppress and suppress the Tamils extends overseas, even as far as far as London as seen in yesterday’s attempt to sabotage the Heroes’ Day message by Col. Karuna, the leader of the TMVP, who was expected to broadcast on British Tamil Broadcasting Corporation. Fearing tht it would eclipse his Heroes’ Day speech Tiger cadres and supporters entered the TBC Radio premises on Saturday early morning and vandalized and destroyed the radio station.

But according to Pilliyan, the supreme commander of the TMVP, they have decided not to follow the Tiger practice and celebrate the so-called Heroes day on 27th November. TMVP political groups are discussing whether it is important to have such an event in the future. Karuna only intends to make a statement, no address and nothing more.

In the meantime, Tigers pay TV channel, TNT is scheduled to televise freely for European viewers the Heroes’ celebrations and the Heroes’ Day speech of Prabakaran recorded in an undisclosed location in Vanni.

It is also reported that in the guise of holding cultural and civic functions Tiger organizations in Western capitals are making arrangement to hold Heroes’ day celebrations in the hope of raising funds.

Though many Tiger organizations have announced the dates some countries have not made public announcement of the proposed celeberations in their country specially in United Kingdom fearing anti-Tamil group might take legal action.

According to an LTTE’s announcement Heroes’ day celebrations are planned to be held in the following countries:

Canada – Toronto at International Centre, Hall1 6900 Airport Raod, Missisauga on 27 November, from 1.00 PM to 6.PM

Canada – Ottawa at Walter Baker Sports Centre, Food Court, 2nd Floor 100 Malvern Drive on 27 November from 7.15 PM

Swiitzerland – at Forum Fribourg on 27 November fro 12.30 noon

United States of America America – at South Brunswick Middle School – North 655 Georges Road, Monmouth Junction, New Jersey 08852 on 02 December

Belgium - Zaal Rubens Statiestraat 175 2600 Berchem Antwerpen on 27 November at 12 noon.

Denmark – at Kongres Centre, Ostergade 37, 7400 Herning on 27 November at 12.30 noon

Finland – at Lumo Talo Urpiaisentie 14 Korso on 27 November

France – at LSC Hall, 144- 146 Av.President Wilson , 93210 La Plaine, St.Denis on 27 November

Germany - at GrugaHalle, Norbert Str 02, 45131 Essen on 02 December

Holland – at Sport Complex , Merwestein, Merweplein 1, 3432 GN.Nieuwegein,Utrecht on 09 December

Norway – Exporama, Oslo on 27 November at 12.45 noon

Sweden – At Folket Hus Hallunda on 27 November at 17. 30 pm

New Zeland – at M.T.Albert war Memorial Hall New North Road Mt.Albert. Auckland on 27 November

Australia – at At Ryde Civic Centre, Sydney on 28 November

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