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TMVP briefs US Embassy diplomats their political agenda

Colombo, 03 February, (Asian Diplomats from the political division of the United States Embassy in Colombo recently met with the officials of the Tamil Makkal Viduthalai Pulikal led by V.Muralitharan nom de guerre Colonel Karuna, at the office of the Tamil outfit in Colombo.

American diplomats met the political officers of the TMVP and discussed the future of the TMVP and their future political agenda.

The meeting was held at the political head office of the TMVP, located in Colombo, on 30 January, around 10 AM, in the morning. The meeting lasted well over one hour.

At this meeting, the present positions of the TMVP as well its future political plans were discussed in detail.

The following subjects were discussed in the meeting:

The purpose of launching Tamil Makkal Viduthalai Pulikal, the position of the Tamils in the future elections, the position of the TMVP in such general elections, the strength of the TMVP, and TMVP’s views regarding the All Party Conference.

Also it was taken up whether TMVP in the future will negotiate with India, India’s role in the Sri Lanka’s ethnic conflict, demerger of the North and east provinces.

Issues whether TMVP played any role in the battle to redeem Vaharai? TMVP’s views regarding the redemption of Vaharai from the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, the plight of the internally displaced people, the future military campaign by the Sri Lanka Army in the North, views of the TMVP regarding this army campaign.

The recent tension in the Katthankudy and whether TMVP is ready to hold talk with Sri Lanka Muslim Congress in the future regarding this issue?

Since of late, increase in the spate of abduction in Colombo and in the east, TMVP’s service to the general public, the development programs of the outfit and how TMVP’s members are recruited?

The secretary to the Party when clarifying to the issues raised by the American diplomats said that TVMP is a politico/military organization led by Karuna Amman who despised the Fascist policies of Velupillai Prabakaran, the leader of the Vanni Tigers. He set free unarmed 6000 cadres who were with him and he joined the democratic mainstream to serve the people. We appealed at that time to the then Sri Lanka President Chandrika Bandaranaiake Kumaratunga for protection and security arrangements, but she blindly refused to provide any of our requests with the sole intention of appeasing Prabakaran. Therefore to safeguard our self from the ruthless attacks of the Fascist Vanni Tigers, we were compelled take to arms.

We have no intention of having any comradeship with the lethal weapons for a long time. Once our security is assured, then we are ready to give up our arms.

Our sole intention is to see that our people from the iron clutches of Prabah gang make our children advance in their educational pursuits, and our people becoming economically developed and lead a prosperous and peaceful life. American diplomats meeting TMVP polical heads.American diplomats meeting TMVP polical heads.

When someone is able to fulfill his basic needs, then he becomes contended. Accordingly we aim for a peaceful solution and all the people in the country enjoying equal status with all others in the country.

TMVP intends to participate in all the future elections, whether it is held for the local bodies, provincial councils or for the parliament and we will strive to win in those elections to serve our people.

Today people are well aware about who is working for the people. Our people are finding it difficult without a proper political leadership. We are confident that people would grant us with the role of political leadership in the future elections.

The All Party Conference is something that has to be wholeheartedly welcome by all of us. It is important that we the TMVP and the people should work jointly and involve in the political mainstream by participating in such All Party Conference, to find a sustainable solution to the ethnic conflict in the country. Without further delay, the solution to burning issue - the ethnic conflict, has to be reached.

We TMVP have joined the democratic mainstream of this country and we have sought protection and security to our Political secretariat and to our Party branches. In that context, in its capacity as the government of a democratic state, Sri Lanka government has provided us with police security. We have already started contacting the ministers and officials to solve the problems of our people that have been brought to our notices. We are able to take forward the issues of the people with the help of the government.

Several opinions were expressed over the UNP dissidents joining the Government , but whatever said and done and whatever the developments may be, but those developments should not affect the well being of the people and it should help to solve the ethnic conflict.

The LTTE claims themselves as the sole representatives of the Tamils, but in fact they are not the sole representatives of the Tamils. Therefore, government simply holding talks with them will not in any way solve the ethnic issues. Along with our outfit, talks have to be conducted embracing all other Tamil and Tamil speaking groups.

Surely and certainly India too should come forward to contribute its share to reach a sustainable solution to issues this country faces. In this context, we are ready to talk with India.

The battle for the redemption of Vaharai was out and out, solely a military campaign undertaken by the Sri Lanka Army. In this campaign our military wing did not participate.

More than 70,000 people who were under the jackboots of Prabakaran’s Fascist gang were freed. For this noble achievement, we wish to congratulate the Sri Lanka Government and the Army. While showering our applauds and commendations, we the TMVP appeal to the Government take speedy measures to send them back to their houses and resettle them. Also we urge the government to provide all their essential requirements for their survival without delay.

Wherever Vanni Tiger terrorism raises its ugly head to kill and destruct the Tamil people and their properties, in those places Sri Lanka Army should come forward to subjugate and suppress the Vanni Tigers’ Fascist gangs.

Even in the North, the people are experiencing untold hardships and suffering in the hands of the Prabah gangs. Due to this terror and intimidation unleashed by Prabah group thousands have fled to foreign countries.

The remaining people are kept on ‘land arrest’ in an open air prison, by the LTTE gangs in Vanni as well as in the Jaffna Peninsula. Days are not far for them to be liberated.

Mischievous elements that are not happy over the prevalence of a peaceful atmosphere between the Tamils and Muslims and those prejudiced over our growing popularity in the midst of the people were solely responsible recently for letting loose tension in Kattankudy.

Subsequently, on 22 January, a meeting was held between the TMVP delegation and the Muslim Council of Sri Lanka. In that meeting it was resolved to avoid such untoward incidents in the future. Eight resolutions were jointly adopted. (Copies of those resolutions were handed over to the American diplomats. It is important that both parties should work peacefully and with mutual understandings to avoid such incidents in the future. Regarding this issue we are ready to talk with the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress.

While there is a growing popularity for us in the midst of the people, Prabah gang members whenever they were involved in abductions, forceful recruitment of underage children, theft, burglary, and killings try to pretend themselves as members of the TMVP to tarnish our image.

Recently in the Batticaloa district, our cadres were able to apprehend such a group and we managed to get back entire loots from them and gave it back to those people who lost their belongings.

Similarly, whenever Prabah gang was involved in the abduction of underage children to be enlisted in their ‘Baby Brigades,’ they make a show to the public as if they all belong to the TMVP and the abduction of the underage children are done for the conscription in our armed group.

We have already clarified this matter to the UNICEF representatives. The code of conduct for the military wing of the TMVP was also handed over the American diplomat.

Some youngsters who are affected by the Tsunami and whose elder relatives are with us are presently living in one of our camps for protection and security from the LTTE. We are providing, food, clothing and security. We have already contacted the UNICEF regarding these youngsters, nearly a dozen of them and working out details with the UNICEF to release these youngsters under the care of the UNICEF.

Not only that hundreds of Tamil Diaspora has come forward to provide help and assistances to our people who are affected by tsunami, war and poverty, mainly due to the suppression campaign unleashed by the Fascist Parabah group. Tamil Diaspora believes that their helps and assistances would definitely reach their kith and kin in the liberated areas through us. We are involved in a very broad political agenda.

The recruitment of members to our party was discussed with the diplomats. Already a copy of the constitution of our party was given to them when we met them on 01 November 2006.

In the discussion Nimit Dhir, Political Expert, US State Department and Ms.Helaena W.Rathore, Political Officer, Embassy of the United States of America participated on behalf of the US Embassy in Colombo, while S.Pathmini, Secretary Political Head Quarters of the TMVP, K.Makesh secretary to the TMVP’s Peace Secretariat, A. Sooty, coordinator for Tamil Diaspora and others participated.

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