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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 105

'Ready for a new day' Microsoft Sri Lanka unveils a new world of work culture

By Quintus Perera - Reporting from Colombo

Colombo, 17 February, ( Sri Lanka ushered in Windows Vista,Microsoft 2007 Office System and Microsoft Exchange Serve 2007 - the biggest launching the software industry in the recent history. This historic launch which took place at the BMICH, Colombo is the Microft's latest version of its flagship operating system, opening windows to hither to untapped vistas of opportunity and productivity, ease of use, security, stability and connectedness. It would also be the biggest and most strategic launch in the history of Microsoft and will be meaningful to virtually all 500 million personal computer users across the world.

In Sri Lanka Microsoft proved that they could not only revolutionize IC technology, but also ultra modern technological innovations could well be merged into local conditions anywhere in the world for the utmost benefit of people, industries and businesses.

It adopted a basic ancient celebrating system from the Sri Lanka's ancient king's time by using a gaily decorated elephant and leading it across the celebrating hall which carried the software for the historic launch to the podium. It was grandeur all the way - while the elephant carrying the necessary software across the well of the auditorium, preceded by hundreds of traditional low country and Kandyan dancers were dancing to the rhythm of hundreds of drummers to be a part of the history ushering the Windows Vista, Microsoft 2007 Office System and Microsoft Exchange Server 2007.

The entire auditorium reverberated with the thundering sounds of the drummers and enveloped a thin layer of smoke like a mist emanating from the flames of a ‘Pandam Paliya’ as if a king is led through the palace hall during ancient times of Sri Lanka.

While the ushering of the most advanced and novel IT concept took place all over the world, Sri Lanka has yet significance when the Microsoft introduced Sinhala into their system.

Stupendously happy man, Sriyan De Silva Wijeratne, Microsoft Sri Lanka Country Manager said “History is being made – history in Sri Lanka and history in the rest of the world”. He said millions of customers in Sri Lanka as well as in the world are celebrating this launch.

This launch is not a kind of new version to the existing system, but it is so much a quantum leap – the results of 5 to 10 years hard research. The product enriches consumer experiences and have many benefits built in and those in Sri Lanka can reap many benefits from the world of possibilities the Microsoft offer.

The systems are designed to work in unison to bring about unparalleled gains in productivity, efficiency and connectivity to its users which the company says will enhance how employees can work with one another, partners and customers while also enhancing organizations capture and use information.

The 2007 Microsoft Office system includes programmes, servers, services and solutions designed to work together in order to gain optimum return from the system. It will also be available in updated packaging options that allow users more flexibility in adopting the specific technologies and solutions that best suit their needs.

The Microsoft Office Outlook has the facility to instantly search for information by using search for keywords, dates or other flexible criteria to locate items in e-mail, calendar, contacts or trash to save valuable time. In Microsoft Office Power Point 2007 users can create powerful dynamic relationships, workflow or hierarchy diagrams while even converting a bulleted list into a diagram, or modifying and updating existing diagrams.

Microsoft’s promise is that Exchange Server 2007 will deliver the protection technology a company demands, the anywhere access that end-users want and the operation efficiency a business needs.

Microsoft Sri Lanka says businesses and the public can immediately begin reaping the benefits of the new products which can be deployed separately or together and expects the launch to mark a new wave of innovation which will have a profound impact on how people work over the next decade.

At this launch, three presentations of the System were made – one to Prof V K Samaranayake, Chairman, ICTA, one to Channa De Silva, Director General, Securities Exchange Commission and the other to Premil Wijesekera, a student, Colombo University.

- Asian Tribune -

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