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Brattskar meets LTTE, "Lanka military being moved to Manalaru (Weli Oya) area" reveal rebels

Colombo, 06 March, ( The Government of Sri Lanka and the Liberation Tigersb of Tamil Eelam appear to be poised for another round of heavy battle as the LTTE today accused the Sri Lanka Government of moving security forces towards Weli Oya area near Mullaitivu. In its strongest warning to-date since the signing of the Ceasefire Agreement of an impending clash the rebels said that Lanka military is being moved to Manalaru (Weli Oya) area and "we are preparing to face a large scale attack by Sri Lankan military." Map showing location of Manal Aru - Weli OyaMap showing location of Manal Aru - Weli Oya

The rebels made this accusation when the Norwegian ambassador Hans Brattskar's visited Kilinochchi today (Monday March 5). The rebels termed it as a routine visit, and "the visit was to familiarize the Northeast situation".

However, the LTTE has issued its strongest warning to-date of an impending clash while also citing that Lanka military is moving into Manalaru (Weli Oya) area.

Tamilselvan has pointed out to Brattskar: "LTTE intelligence gathering have revealed large scale military personnel and equipment being moved into Manalaru near Mullaithivu" according to rebels statement on the meeting.

Tamilselvan said theLTTE is also preparing to face an expected large scale Sri Lankan military attack in this area.
Analysts interpreted that this as a strong warning against the GoSL since the signing of the CFA.

"The international community must not condemn the LTTE when it intensifies its efforts to resist the military approach of the GoSL" Tamilselvan said.

Tamilsaelvan said that he emphasized to the ambassador that the present soft approach of the international community towards the GoSL is not going change its plans and will only contribute to a worsening situation leading to bloodbath in the island.

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