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LTTE broadcasting illegally in Intelsat 12 satellite: Will be closed down soon – Intelsat Ltd.

New York, 10 March, ( Tamil Tigers are pirates and they are broadcasting illegally in the Intelsat 12 satellite without any proper authorization.

The Washington D.C. based Intelsat Ltd., the world’s largest commercial satellite communications services provider told “Asian Tribune” that that LTTE is not a customer of the Intelsat. “They are pirates.”

On 04 March, LTTE news websites reported that Voice of Tigers, the official radio broadcast of Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), began satellite broadcast to South Asian countries from Vanni starting from that day.

Also it was reported S.P. Tamilselvan Head of the LTTE’s political Division participated in the ceremony and said, "We are holding the inauguration ceremony on the 69th birthday of late Anton Balasingham as a mark of respect for his contribution to the progress of Tamil media. I also wish to thank all the staff at VoT for making the station a voice of Tamils."

However “Asian Tribune” reported on 05 March, “Anyhow, Pro LTTE websites in their news report about the launching of the satellite broadcast carried a misleading statement stating that “The radio service will use similar frequencies used by the National Television of Tamileelam (NTT), using ‘Eurostar’ at 11.506 GHz symbol rate 2894, vertical polarization, the media unit.

“Asian Tribune” report further added “However, Intelsat 12 satellite link clearly shows that National Television of Tamileelam and as well as Pulikalin Kural is with the same frequencies and are hosted by them.”

The contention of the “Asian Tribune” was confirmed by Ms. Dianne VanBeber, Intelsat LTd Vice President in charge of Investor Relations and corporate communication, who told “Asian Tribune” that Sri Lanka’s terrorists’ outfit LTTE is presently pirating the Intelsat’s 12 bandwidth without the knowledge of the company.

“Intelsat has notified the original customer for the capacity that they are in violation of their contract, and Intelsat has informed them to cease transmissions,” Diam Beever said.

When asked to identify the original customer of the Intelsat, Dianne VanBeber refused to disclose the name of the service provider who gas accommodated the LTTE’s medias without the knowledge of the Intelsat Ltd.

When asked whether Intelsat was not aware of the fact that LTTE’s National Television of Tamileelam was using the Intelsat 12 satellite bandwidth since 2005.

Dianne VanBeber clarified that the Intelsat Ltd acquired PanAmSat only on July 3, 2006, and LTTE’s National Television of Tamil Eelam might have come to share quietly the Intelsat 12 satellite.

She said, “We are taking actions to cease their transmission soon. “

Furthermore Dianne VanBebersaid, “There are no Sri Lankan shareholders of Intelsat. Intelsat went private in January of 2005 and has had no Sri Lankan investment shares since that time.”

- Asian Tribune -

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