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Vendors of war, peace and the country advertise themselves!

From Mallika Wanigasundara

Some piquant one-page advertisements in Sinhala have been appearing in the newspapers with a circular logo which carries an identification legend which says:

We who sell peace are not Sri Lankans

At the bottom of the page is an explanatory description of the name, the aims and purposes of this organization. It says:


Let us sell war. Let us sell peace. Let us sell the whole country

Beside this explanation is a large picture of the bodies of four of the thirty one bhikkshus murdered by the LTTE at Aranthalawa, Ampara in 1987.

An introduction to this merchandising and its consequences runs across the first half of the page. It says:


If this country had a law in force against the betrayal of our
souls and our country for dollars could we have lived like this?

In order to earn some dollars we have to talk about Human rights.

We must say that people are being kidnapped.

What will happen to us if the country enforces a law?

This advertisement is apparently in reply to similar one-page ads. by the National Anti-war Front questioning the cost of war and referring to One country. One people .One Sri Lanka.

A similar full-page advertisement says the following:


Do we not like to build big houses and live in palaces?
If terrorism is brought to an end we will not be able to do that.
Who will give us dollars if this problem is solved?

At the bottom of this page is a large picture of some of the 103 Muslims who were massacred in a mosque in the Eastern province in 1990.

Some years ago the Sinhalese were silenced by the accusation of racism chauvinism which was flung at them the moment they opened their mouths to defend themselves. It is no longer so.

NGOs said to be supporting peace have in fact been driving for a continuation of the war and they have had a free run.

They arouse LTTE mouthpieces, proxies, backers and the LTTE supportive world community doling out dollars to them, to pressure governments for peace negotiations.

Which invariably give the terrorists a breather, aborted talks and a renewal of war Which is what the peace merchants are trying to do again. But this time around commentators, columnists and nationalistic organizations are no longer afraid of printers ink or public statements.

- Asian Tribune -

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