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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 2994

Role of Erik Solheim questioned by Norwegian anti-terrorists.

Colombo, 21 April, ( Mr. Erik Solheim who is playing a controversial role as the Norwegian special envoy in facilitating Sri Lanka’s peace process claming to end the decay long crises has being seriously questioned by the Norwegians Against Terrorism Organization.

Falk Rovik, Founder of the ‘Norwegians Against Terrorism’ explaining the Norwegian contribution for intensification of the LTTE terror movement and the Solheim as a facilitator to the Sri Lanka Government led peace process stated that Erik Solheim was political nobody before the LTTE made him a “world renowned” peace facilitator.

Mr. Rovik in his detailed expression introduced Mr.Solheim as a ‘Tiger Friendly Facilitator’ who does not return calls from Norwegian non LTTE Tamil leaders, and who does not participate in Sinhalese and non LTTE Tamil conferences in Oslo.

He described Erik Solheim’s role in Oslo with relevant to the Sri Lanka’s peace keeping movement is only limited to participating in multiple LTTE memorials, conferences, propaganda and fundraising events.

“Solheim is for many purposes an extended arm of the LTTE, Solheim has ignored non LTTE Tamils and the SL political opposition from day one in his “peace” facilitation,” he added.

The Statement issued by Mr. Solheim highlighting that the LTTE will never be classified as a terrorist organization by Norway was questioned by Mr. Rovik as how he could act in bringing peace to the nation Island.

Quoting Dr. Magnus Ranstorp who is an expert in terrorism and also a Chief Scientist at the Centre for Asymmetric Threat Studies at the Swedish National Defence College Mr. Rovik said that” LTTE is probably the most sophisticated terrorist organization in the world”

In his strong speech Mr. Rovik said that Norway knew LTTE was a terrorist organization prior to the funding starting but it has supported this terrorist’s organization to operate without any obstacles in carrying out their destructive maneuvers including the extortion of the Tamil Diaspora, drugs trade, Credit card frauds, Currency forfeiting operations and Cooperation with other terrorist groups and international crime organizations.

Mr.Rovik said that he got credible evidence with him to prove that Norway gives aid to SL organizations favorable to the LTTE and the Norwegian facilitation, Norway give aid to Sri Lankan journalists and journalist organizations and Norway give aid to Sri Lankan politicians.

Tamil Rehabilitation Organization (TRO), with has inter links with the LTTE and as an organization that has being identified by the UN lobby to take stern actions against their activities was described as a fund raiser from the Governments of Norway and Switzerland by Mr. Rovik.

TRO funds are investigated in many countries by several powerful foreign countries. They suspect the TRO has close links with the LTTE and it has diverted funds to purchase weaponry to assist terrorist crimes.

The President of the NAT also stated that LTTE receives funds from various Norwegian NGO’s and multiple International NGO’s. He said
“Funds raised in the TRO organizations in the Diaspora are allegedly used to fund arms procurement”.

Extracting from the phone tapping he said that these evidences reveals strange practices of the Norwegian Embassy. Describing the Ambassidors role Mr. Rovik stated “It is obvious that the Ambassador is using a dictate from the LTTE as Norwegian policy. With the phrases “Have I understand you correctly” ”Do not use embassy address, use my private address” included in Ambassadors conversions with the LTTE leaders.

Criticizing the Ambassador partial policy as a diplomat Mr. Rovik stressed that Ambassador Jon Westborg was using Norwegian taxpayers’ money to pay for LTTE radio transmission equipment.

Pointing at the relationship between the Norwegian military and the LTTE he explained that “Twenty-one Tamil Tigers was invited to the Rena military camp all expenses paid by the Norwegian Foreign office. According to the Norwegian army the Tigers only received information for peaceful use. We think it is strange that Norway gives legitimacy to one of the worst terrorist organisations known to mankind.”

“According to the IPS news service, Norwegian ex-Special Forces have provided military training to the Sea Tigers in Thailand. Over the last decade, Thailand has become a vital interface between the LTTE's terror and its relentless international arms-procurement efforts. "It's a nerve centre," says one intelligence source.

Thailand provides access to several former war zones and their surplus weaponry. It offers excellent communications and a short sea hop to Sri Lanka,” Said President Rovik.

Stating about the US’s position on LTTE he reiterated that The US has declared that arms to the LTTE is a threat against the USA! Which was said by the US congressman Scott Garrett: in his statement “The LTTE is a threat to Americans World Wide.”

Talking about the possible measures that can be taken to eliminate the menace of terrorism and the LTTE terrorist who are playing a bloody role to achieve their targets with cruel intentions Mr Rovik explained that Educating the Norwegian police about LTTE schemes, Push for enforcement of terrorism ban, Stop Norway and others who funds the LTTE, Counter LTTE disinformation campaigns.

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