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LTTE falling in Paris, running on a collision course with the French Government

Paris, 27 April, ( French police has expressed their utter disappointment to the Tamil university students in Paris for violating the conditions they agreed by turning a 'rally' into a 'protest march.' The students have originally agreed to hold a 'rally' on Wednesday April 25 but the it subsequently turned vociferous with slogan shouting, placards display amounting to 'protest march.'Protest routeProtest route

The permission to conduct a peaceful rally was applied not by the LTTE in Paris but by AETF, the Tamil University Students Organization in France (Association des Etudiants Tamouls de France). Permission was granted on 23 April evening by Paris Police to AETF. The protest march commenced from Republique to Bastille in the city of Paris.

Asian Tribune learns that the LTTE in Paris thereafter interfered and virtually wrested the rally from the hands of AETF, and turned it into an LTTE protest march.

More importantly, it brought attention on individuals leading the Paris LTTE in the aftermath of the arrest and remanding of the leading LTTE cadres including Nadarajah Mathinthiran (Parithy or Regan) the LTTE Head, in France.

Parani, the new head of the France-LTTE was seen leading the rally.

Asian Tribune also learns that the overall organization of the protest was by Siva Sinnapodi and his son Vasantha Rupan. Siva Sinnapodi was earlier a PLOTE cadre. After coming to Paris he joined the LTTE and in the beginning worked in the newsroom of the Tamil Television Network – the LTTE owned television. For some reason or other LTTE was not fully convinced of his loyalty, transferred him to the Tamil Rehabilitation Organization (TRO) office. Now aware that LTTE leadership in Paris does not take him into confidence, he is now trying his best to win them over by organizing the protest, Asian Tribune learns.

His son Vasantha Rupan works as the official Tamil translator in OFPRA - Office Francais De Protection Des Refugies et Apatrides, the French Government office which interviews those claiming political asylum in France. There were reports that he has removed photographs from the Tamil refugees' files and supplied to LTTE for identification. He also used to inform to the LTTE details of asylum seekers who use to declare that they have fled the country because of the atrocities of the LTTE in Sri Lanka. Many Sri Lankans in France have expressed their dislike and opposition over an LTTE operative being kept in a key position as translator, where people apply for asylum.

French police raiding Tamil Coordinating Committee, "Comité de coordination tamoule  located at l situé 341 rue des Pyrénées, Paris.French police raiding Tamil Coordinating Committee, "Comité de coordination tamoule located at l situé 341 rue des Pyrénées, Paris.Reports also reveal that Vasantha Rupan went to Vanni in 2006 and underwent arms training and intelligence wing of the Pottu Amman fame.

These father and son duo were responsible for turning the silent rally into a slogan shouting protest one Asian Tribune learns.

Also Siva Sinnapodi giving an interview to the TTN TV after the conclusion of the rally said that the rally was 'a successful event'. Asian Tribune earlier reported that it had only about 200 people – a record low turnout for the event.

Along with them, Mr. Sivaguru Balachandran, owner of the Tamil Alyam Bookshop, Mr. Kandasamy – proprietor of Tharshana Restaurant and Ratnam Kandasamy of the TTN News Division too were behind the protests. They were earlier responsible for obtaining signatures from Tamil shops in Paris by threat and intimidation to a memorandum condemning the French Police and the French Government.

Previously, on April 09, Sri Lankan youth organizations as well as Indo-Sri Lanka traders Association made arrangements for a mass protest rally to condemn the French Government and the French Police for arresting the LTTE leaders in Paris. Though in the beginning Paris police granted permission for the rally, subsequently they cancelled it. When the police cancelled the permission it gave for the rally, LTTE showed it dismay and as usual was involved with its usual stunt activities by taking groups of Tamils to Eiffel Tower venue. As Eiffel Tower venue is a park and a tourist place, police did not stop those going to the Eifel Tower area.

- Asian Tribune -

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