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LTTE beams a new second TV channel using Israeli up linking facilities

Paris, 13 May, ( The Tamil rebel outfit, Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) is planning to beam a second TV channel this week called "Tharishanam" (Revelation). The new transmission will be a pay channel, and will run as a client of Globecast and is to be up linked on to the Israeli Satlink platform in the Hotbird 8 satellite.

The "Asian Tribune" contacted, Ms. Yael Shamos, Marketing Director, Satlink Communications Ltd., M.P. Harei-Yehuda 90850, Neve-Ilan, Israel. Speaking to Asian Tribune, Ms Yael Shamos said that “Mathuram” channel of the LTTE is a client of Globecast of France and her firm is up linking the channel for the Globecast.

When asked of the proposed Tharishanam channel, she said "At present Globecast is talking with us about up linking a new channel on their client’s behalf, but we are not aware of the details of the Globecast client."

This act of defiance by the Tamil Tigers in France comes in the wake of the closure of their Tamil Television Net Work’s (TTN) pay channel on May 2, 2007. Reports said that the LTTE has already begun the pre-launch announcements of their new channel.

The closed down TTN pay channel had 22,000 subscribers drawing Euro Dollars 330,000 per month. Knowing in advance that TTN would be closed down by the French authorities, the LTTE launched a supplementary free channel called Mathuram on 14 April.

The “Mathuram” channel now carries announcements that LTTE will launch another TV channel called Tharishanam in the due course.

“Mathuram” is a Tamil Box Office channel (TBO) from Singapore owned by GV Films of India and broadcast by Satlink ( shareholders) from Israel. It is learnt that Globecast of France is one of the main shareholders of Satlink of Israrel. Faced with objections from the owners TBO channel ( ) and stiff measures of French new government, TTN has decided to move and locate themselves in Lausanne, Switzerland after disposing their office building located in their 5 Rue Emile Zola, 93120, La Courneuve, France.

However, it is still not clear whether Tigers are planning to broadcast the new channel from Switzerland via Globecast up linking to the Hotbird Satellite 8 through Satlink, or whether they will prepare the programme in Switzerland and then send it to Israel for broadcasting.

Tamil Tigers are continuing to announce the opening of a new channel through their Mathuram channel and also since of late are up linking Tiger news in the Mathuram channel in the form of running text.

Excerpts of the announcement regarding the new Tharishanam channel is given below:

"Welcome to Mathuram TV. The purpose of this site is to give you all the information we have on this new Tamil television service to Europe.

"On this background, we launch two distinct television channels to the fellow Tamils in Europe. Mathuram TV will be an entertainment channel with a mix of the popular culture and appeal to our younger generation. The second channel will be launched soon and the details will be made available on Mathuram TV. This will provide you with all the infotainment you miss at present.

"We have made it a priority to carry comprehensive coverage of news and events both in Tamil and English. Initially our efforts would be to get this right. News from our homelands affecting our families back home will be a priority. We are trying our very best to secure news reporters from these areas. However, we are all aware of the risks and dangers the Press and TV Reporters face in Sri Lanka. They don't have a chance! We will obtain as much news as possible from international agencies and local reporters.

"The channel will also carry educational programs and special programs geared to improving the lives of the Expatriate Tamil community. We will focus on informing you about the social and administrative structures in your adopted countries; healthcare and what to expect with modern medicine; legal systems and how to ask questions to ensure your rights are respected and you meet your obligations. We want to engage, inform and and entertain you. We will also broadcast cultural and religious events of the Tamil community in your respective countries, especially where our children perform so that we encourage them and engage them so that the Tamil way of life is preserved into the future.

"We are confident that we will have an exciting Tamil television service very soon and we appeal to all self respecting European Tamils to support us so that we show the world our integrity, unity and self confidence.

- Asian Tribune -

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