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Erik Solheim a convicted criminal --Norwegians Against Terrorism

Oslo, 30 June, ( In its latest report Norwegians Against Terrorism (NAT) has alleged that Erik Solheim, the chief peace facilitator, is a convicted criminal. Quoting from his biography, “Nærmere”, NAT says that he has been jailed for stealing from the Norwegian Air Force.“Nærmere” - cover page of Erik’s biography“Nærmere” - cover page of Erik’s biography

In his book he brags about his exploits and adds that he enjoyed his time in jail, spending most of his time reading world literature.

NAT adds that the crime of stealing from Norwegian Air Force is nothing compared to the crimes he has committed against the Sri Lankan people. Erik Solheim has been lending a hand to the LTTE using Norwegian tax payer’s money to fund the LTTE. Norway has also used its diplomatic clout to get doors opened for the LTTE, a banned terrorist group.

The LTTE in turn has done its utmost to butter up Mr. Solheim.

Erik Solheim was the former leader of the Socialist Left party in Norway. The party did not make much headway under his tenure. .

Erik Solheim only work experience outside politics has been as a desk clerk in the Norwegian Handicap Association. Mr. Solheim has a mid-level University degree that does not qualifying to even be an assistant in a kinder garden, says NAT.
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