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Seevaratnam to protest Charity Commission decision to dismiss review application on the suspension as board chairman

London, 01 July, ( Nagendra Seevaratnam, a Tamil accountant, was suspended by the British Charity Commissioner on March 28, 2007 from acting as Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Sivayogam Trust run mainly on the funds collected from the Sivayogam Temple in Tooting. The Charity Commissioner also placed restrictions on the bank accounts. According to the Charity Commissioner this charity was suspended because it was linked to the LTTE, listed as a terrorist organization under Terrorism Act of 2000.

Seevaratnam appealed for a review on April 30, 2007, almost a month after the suspension. The Charity Commissioner did not respond to his review appeal up to June 25. Seevaratnam told Asian Tribune, “As aggrieved parties could appeal for the review of the decision I asked for a review of the appeal sent on 30 April, but there was no response until 25th of June.”

He added “As I was left with a few days to take the next course of action and on 25th June I sent an e-mail asking the Charity Commission asking them to let me file action in the court of law if the internal review application was not formally considered.”

Seevaratnam pointed out that on the morning of 26th Charity Commission sent an e-mail that my appeal for internal review was dismissed.

According to Seevaratnam, on the morning of June 26 the Charity Commissioner sent an e-mail saying that his appeal for an internal review was dismissed. Around noon that day the Charity Commissioner sent another e-mail asking him whether he had anything to add to his previous application for filing action in the courts in view of the dismissal of the review application. He was given time till 1 p.m. that day to reply.

“Unfortunately I read the e-mail only pass 5.00 PM. Again at 7.23 PM I received another e-mail that the Charity Commission will not grant me the certificate necessary to file action against the review decision. This was according to the Charity Commission according to the decision by the Board constituted preferably by legal department of the Charity Commission,” Seevaratnam pointed out.

Commenting on this Seevaratnam told the Asian Tribune:” I think the whole thing has been done in one day to show that the whole thing has been gone through according to the democratic process – i.e. the internal review and the refusal by the Board the issue of Certificate. Thus I have been denied of any kind of appeal. I will consult legal opinion before taking any further action on this subject.” He added: “Every charged framed and concerns raised had been satisfactorily explained by me. We had not paid a penny from the Charity to the LTTE or any such organizations which are listed under the Terrorism Act of 2000. The investigation has been done with prejudice probably under some pressure including from the Government of Sri Lanka.”

He has also sent the following letters to the Charity Commissioner:

28 June 2007

The Charity Commissioners for England & Wales

Attention: Names deleted

Dear Sirs / Madams

Sivayogam 1050398 – Suspension of Mr Nagendram Seevaratnam,
Chair of the Board of Trustees and restrictions on the bank accounts

You have killed the truth and buried it safely. Jesus Christ was crucified and buried. Jesus Christ rose. So will the truth rise. I look forward for the day of resurrection.

You seem to know your charity laws. Compassion is my guide to charity. I know a bit of the law of nature. Every action has its equivalent and opposite reaction. One who denies justice will be denied justice. One who fails to listen to his conscience becomes an animal.

Law of Nature supersedes all man-made laws. It is supreme. It works miraculously and enforces its judgement. That judgement affects not only the offenders but also their children, grand children, and so on. No one can escape it. No one needs to make an application.

I will make my comments at the appropriate time under the title “Hypocrisy – mockery of Democracy”, on the play performed on 26 June 2006. Please place your hand on your hearts and say that justice was done. If not please try to rectify. World knows of the discovery of “weapons of mass destruction” with Sadam Hussein and the consequences. Now it is Sivayogam’s funds to the Tamil Tigers?

Well done. Thank you. May God Bless you all.

Yours Sincerely,

Nagendram Seevaratnam, ACA, ACMA

Letter No: 2

04 May 2007

The charity Commissioners for England & Wales


Mr.Wiggins: Customer Service Manager
Charity Commission Direct, Liverpool L69 3UG

Dear Sirs,

Sivayogam 1050398 – Suspension of the Chair of the Board of Trustees

Further to my application dated 30 April 2007 for and internal review on the above I beg to add a point which Ms.Louise Edwards refused to consider during investigations, of which I made mention in my application but did not provide details.

Mr.Rajasingham Jayadevan (RJ) is my brother-in-law (younger brother to my wife) who was directly and indirectly responsible for the complaints made against in the above case and in previous cases as I described below. He was a member of the EPRLF, Eelam Peoples Revolutionary Liberation Front, when he was in Sri Lanka. His elder brother sends him to London to break his involvement in terrorist activities. My wife, who was already in London and was not married to me at that time, sponsored him for studies. He followed a course in accountancy but never made it. He earned his living by imposing himself as “Financial Advisor”, “Financial Consultant”, etc.

He supported the EPDP, Eelam Peoples Democratic Party, when a few left the EPRLF to form it. Thus, he belongs to EPDP group since then. This is opposed to the LTTE, Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam. However, he managed to join the LTTE supporters in London, who took him into confidence without realizing his background. Unfortunately for the Tamil community, he has become full time critic of the LTTE and is believed to be on the pay of the Sri Lankan government and the EPDP. He is now much stronger especially with the weapon of “Terrorism” available to every one. Thus, a family problem has put me in the dock.

The first complaint to the Charity Commission was made by Mr.V Ramaraj,, Program Director, Tamil Broadcasting Corporation (TBC) .… RJ is the one responsible for the complaint; either he must have written himself or got some one to write on the letter headed paper. The allegations were dismissed.

Second Complaint: Complaint to the Natwest Bank was made that the funds, about 250,000 GBP, in the accounts of Sivayogam belonged to the Tamil Tigers. The bank locked the account without informing us. We made an application for the transfer of 45,000GBP to our solicitors towards deposit for the purchase of a freehold property at 3c & 11 Ranelagh Road, Wembley

We were then told that the branch should receive permission from the head office. We were refused information as to why the account was locked. On the third day of our application, a news item came to the air through the Tamil Broadcasting Corporation that our funds were frozen. Realizing what has happened, I submitted evidence the following day that the funds belonged to the charity. It took two more days before we could have access to our funds. In the meantime I had to organize a personal loan of 45,000 GBP through a friend of mine for the deposit. The intention of the complaint was to prevent us from buying the property. He would have succeeded if I did not have a friend who could come to our rescue by paying 45,000GBP at short notice.

Third Complaint: RJ moved heaven and earth to get our Planning application rejected by the Planning Application Committee of the Brent Council. Planning Office, at one stage, decided to reject the application and this decision was place on the Council web site. Fortunately, few councilors intervened and the application was presented to the Planning Application Committee with a recommendation to approve. RJ was the only one who opposed it. He was given two minutes to speak at the committee meeting. His accusation was that the property was for the Tamil Tigers and I was its agent. The committee approved the application unanimously.

Fourth Complaint: I was not shown a copy of the complaint but I suspect the complaint that I had links with the Tamil Tigers is from RJ and no one else. He writes on web sites belonging to the EPDP or a few anti-LTTE organizations and produces those as evidence to support his complaints. That is his mode of operandi.

The animosity: His sister and I, both divorcees, decided to marry. From the time he learnt about it, he has been harassing me. He was even threatening me with physical harm. He continues to write even about my children by my first wife whom I divorce.

The only Crime I committed: I have earned, from my early days, a reputation fro my honesty, simplicity, feel for others, etc. The only crime I committed was to divorce my first wife. I shed tears even now when I write this, that I have betrayed her. Other than this, I have not done anything against my conscience. I also apologize for my strong words, which I naturally use when any one blames me for what I not done. I agree that it is wrong for me to use strong words that may hurt others. This is the one that I am unable to correct myself. Please forgive me for that. Otherwise, I have not done any wrong doing. God and my conscience are my witness.

Sivayogam, for which I sacrificed ten long years of my life and part of my wealth, is suffering. Orphans are suffering. The Tamil Community that is facing genocide is disgusted to see them criminalize. I beg, the Commission, not to add insult to injury. We did no serious mistakes. Please cancel all the orders issued as early as possible to continue with the good work I was doing and train those in line to take over from me. That is the justice I look forward.

Please acknowledge receipts of this letter as well as the one dated 30 March 2007.

Thanking you.

Yours Faithfully,

Nagendram Seevaratnam, ACA, ACMA

Copy to: Hon. Mr. Sadiq Khan, M.P. for Tooting

- Asian Tribune -

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