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Karuna engaged in a new power struggle to grab the east from EPDP

Colombo, 07 July, ( Karuna Group has formally announced the ban of Eelam People Democratic Party (EPDP) led by Minister Douglas Devananda through pamphlets distributed widely in the Batticoloa in the eastern province.. This group has also warned of severe consequence for

The pamphlets are issued in the name of the “Force of the Rising Sun”. The following is a translation of the pamphlet:

Our Kith and Kin of East

After redeeming our soil and the people from the Vanni Tigers, our people are now returning to normal life. But those organizations under the north’s hegemony, which reject normalcy, are systematically attacking our people and the members of the Tamil Makkal Viduthalai Pulikal, with the view to create fear in the east. On 04. 07. 2007 they have forced the cadres of the Tamil Makkal Viduthalai Pulikal to get down from the bus they were traveling and not only humiliated them but also attacked them. When those organizations cadres went for talks they have fired bullets and also killed one of them. We are not only condemning the organization called EPDP which was involved in such barbarous acts but we are also banning them completely in the Eastern province.

Our kith and kin living in the East, please stop all the dealings with this organization and stop all contacts with them. Also we request those youths of the East who are with them to kindly leave them and go abroad or get involved in social work. Also those parents of those youths, who are in that organization, withdraw your children from that organization and don’t be a party to treachery but try to rehabilitate them for a new future. We will not hesitate to take strong actions against those who violate this edict. Therefore our kith and kin of the East we will ensure that incidents of this nature never repeats itself and we resolve to take necessary steps to expel those cliques ruling these organizations..anyone violating the ban or associating with EPDP in the future.


Force of the Rising Sun

Eastern Province

This is a threat directed at Minister Douglas Devananda and EPDP. They are an integral part of the People’s Alliance Government led by President Mahinda Rajapakse. Sri Lanka Government has liberated the East from the control of the Tamil Tigers. But it appears that Karuna Group has emerged to grab the political gap left vacant by the Tigers, who had fled from the east. Besides, this act of challenging a Minister in the government is seen as a threat to the government’s authority over the liberated east.

Political observers note that Karuna is not an elected representative. Nor is he a part of the government. He was involved in killing hundreds of Sri Lankan Security forces. He was alleged to have killed, in agreement with Prabhkaran, 600 policemen who surrendered on the word given by Anton Balasingham , the negotiator with the Premadasa government, that they would be safe.

When he broke away from Prabhkaran, accusing the Jaffna-Tamil leaders dominating the LTTE of discriminating against the eastern Tamils, he vowed to join the democratic mainstream. But after the liberation of the east by the Security Forces he has resumed the old terror tactics that he played under the command of Prabhakaran.

Karuna fled the country when the Tamil Tigers attacked him on 10 April 2004. He took a long route through Nepal and ended up in Mysore.

He returned back when the Government began its military campaign and made east a safer place.

His tactic seems to be to make use this opportunity to ban a politic party which is a constituent member of the Government led by President Mahinda Rajapakse.

It is still unclear who delegated to Karuna to take this course of action. International community has warned that Karuna group should be disbanded.

It is still unclear who gave extra-parliamentary authority for Karuna to impose tax and tariffs to people in East and announce the imposition of the ban on a registered political Party.

What is clear is that rival Tamil parties are now engaged in battle to occupy the vacant position held by the Tamil Tigers earlier.

The pamphlet issued in the name of the “Force of the Rising Sun” by Karuna GroupThe pamphlet issued in the name of the “Force of the Rising Sun” by Karuna Group

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