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Vanishing Tribe of Sri Lanka

Vanishing Tribe of Sri Lanka, Meeting Today

By Leel Pathirana

The Vanishing Tribe of Sri Lanka, Vanniyeley Aetto (Indigenous People) met yesterday in order to celebrate the World Indigenous Peoples Day due on tomorrow 09th August. Their annual meeting or the festival called Wariga Sabha commenced yesterday with colorful Tribal Dancing and songs at Dambana.Vanishing Tribe of Sri Lanka - Vanniyeley AettoVanishing Tribe of Sri Lanka - Vanniyeley Aetto

Wariga Sabha was to be represented by four main tribes, which are Uru Warigaya, Morana Warigaya, Unapana Warigaya and Thala Warigaya. There are seven regional Deputy Chiefs of Vanniyeley Aetto will be participated representing 18 villages and the meeting, Wariga Sabha will be presided over by the Chief of all Tribes, Uruwarige Wanniya.

At the meeting they discussed various issues mainly relating to deforestation and industrialization. Due to these causes, they have lost almost their traditional hunting paths.

The Government of Sri Lanka will also celebrate the World Indigenous Peoples day today from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm. A medical consultation program too will be launched for Vanniyeley Aetto by specialists from ENT, Heart, Dental, Gynecology and general consultation.

Another special event would be that 39 Secretaries from various Government Ministries will also participate to issue those with Identity Cards, Birth Certificates, Register Marriages and issue Deeds for their lands. These events have been organized by the Instructions of the Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

The Chief of Vanniyeley Aetto, Uruwarige Wanniya participated for the first time representing Sri Lanka for the International Conference of the World Indigenous People held in Geneva in 1997 with his Traditional Hand-Axe on his Shoulder.

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