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LTTE to acquire shortly chemical weapons

By Ruwan Weerakoon

Colombo, 25 August, ( Tamil Tiger leader Velupillai Prabakaran is in the process of acquiring chemical weapons in the near future, Lanka intelligence sources revealed. There is enough evidence available to prove that the LTTE already has built up stocks of Cyanide and Potassium during the ceasefire period.

On 12th of August in Anuradhapura north - Medawachhiya, a Police roadblock was by passed by a tipper vehicle and it was stopped at a second roadblock. The occupants tried to bribe the officers but the officers didn’t accept the bribes and after checking, they found 3,600 liters of Sulfuric Acid.

The suspects were handed over to the CID (Criminal Investigation Department). Intelligence sources revealed that the suspects had past records of smuggling explosives to LTTE controlled areas, as well as from LTTE-controlled areas to government controlled areas.

For what purpose does the LTTE need Sulfuric Acid? According to a source, the LTTE has an underground laboratory in the Adampan area bordering Mannar - Kilinochchi districts.

There was ample of evidence available and in 1992 in Batticaloa, when LTTE attacked Kiran Army camp, they used toxic gas, as soldiers had sustained unusual burnt injuries. However, the government in power during that period did not care to inform the International Community.

In addition, when they tried to smuggle plastic, the Security forces detected. The purpose of the plastic was to make the casing for chemical rockets and claymores, it was revealed.

The LTTE has their own laboratories, motor factories, as well as well-equipped hospitals. In 1989 they made mortars called Arul Mortars with a simple method of filling chemicals to rockets with which to fire toward Army camps.

Chemical attacks are not alone a threat to security forces. In the past, the LTTE blew up bombs in Colombo and killed innocent civilians. In the same way Prabhakaran can attack civilians with chemical weapons because Prabhakaran is alleged as a ruthless barbarian.

If Prabakaran acquired chemical weapons and it is expected that he will share his knowledge with Osama bin Laden, the Al Quieda chief. Looking at the ‘commit suicide belts’ of the LTTE, they appear to have exchanged commit suicide technology with Al Quida and they have a link through Kumar Padmanapan, the person in charge of logistics.

Effect of Chemical Weapons

The four Types of Chemical Weapons are:

Blood agents

Choking agents

Nerve agents

Blistering agents

Nerve Agents

Nerve agents enter the body through contaminated food or water, air or contact with skin. They cause uncontrolled Body fluids to flow from openings in the body and induce muscle spasms. In high doses, victims can go in to convulsions and death may come from the evacuation of body fluids within a matter of minutes.

Blood Agents

Blood agents are absorbed through breathing. They cause lethal damage by reacting with enzymes in the body. In the case of Hydrogen Cyanide, death will result within minutes

Choking Agents

Choking chemicals such as Chlorine gas attack the lungs, causing them to flood with mucus and the victim literally drowns in the secretions.

Blistering Agents

Blistering agents are liquids or gases that burn the skin

According to Prabakaran’s ruthless terrorist past, he will do this in the future. He is planning massive genocide in the future because he lost control of the Jaffna peninsula and the East and as Sri Lankan security forces have confined Prabakaran and his cadres to Kilinochchi, Mulaithivu, Mannar North and the Wanni North.

Police detected 986 kilos of C4 explosives packed in a lorry in Kurunagala district and in Trincomalee the Navy detected more than 1000 kilos of C4 explosive packed in a freezer truck. If either one exploded more that 1000 civilians would have died or more than thousand would have got injured. (Example Pettah bus stand bomb, Central Bank bomb, and Dehiwala train bomb)

According to information received, in East and Jaffna the LTTE has sleeping cadres. These cadres are trained to explode claymores and shoot with pistols. It is believed when once internally displaced people are resettled, these sleepers would be activated.

The Sri Lanka Army is in the process of recovering weapons and claymores and identifying sleeping cadres. In the North and East, civilians have provided valuable information to the Army and the Army has been able to detect explosives, claymores and weapons.

Human Shield

In LTTE-controlled areas, Mulaithivu, Kilinochchi, North of Mannar and North Wanni, civilians live in a very pathetic situation as they are under the grip of ruthless terrorist group. Food sent by the Sri Lanka government to Government Agents to distribute food for the people, but these food items when it goes to the MPCS, then LTTE come into the scene and the food items are distributed by the LTTE on a ration card basis.

To get ration cards, civilians, no matter there age or gender, have to get compulsory military training. Only then can civilians get their ration card. After they receive training each family have to serve on the Forward Defence Line.

More than 100 of them escape and surrender to the Army. Recently a family escaped from Mannar, revealed to the Navy of LTTE harassment of innocent civilians.

Prabakaran and his terrorists cadres are violating human rights of innocent civilians. The multimillion dollar question is why aren’t human rights groups such as Human Rights Watch, Asian Human Rights Commission and Amnesty International visiting LTTE controlled areas and sees for themselves what is happening over there? Why are these human rights groups silent and not prepared to declare that the LTTE is a terrorist organization.

- Asian Tribune –

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