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Mangala Samaraweera ran to Mahanayake saying Ranil had a secret pact with LTTE. What happened to that pact? -- Dilan Perera

Colombo, 22 September, ( The issue of a secret pact between the Tamil Tigers and the Government of Sri Lanka has been cranked up by the UNP, the leading opposition party and the two-man breakaway band from the ruling party, the SLFP. On Thursady, Sripathi Sooriyarachchi of the SLFP (M) – one of the two in the breakaway band -- moved a motion to appoint a Select Committee of Parliament to look into this alleged secret pact.Dilan Perera : Six or seven years ago this same Mangala Samaraweera, went with me in a helicopter to Kandy to meet former high priest of the Malwattae Chapter to inform the Chief prelate that Ranil Wickramasinghe had  entered into a secret pact with LTTE .Dilan Perera : Six or seven years ago this same Mangala Samaraweera, went with me in a helicopter to Kandy to meet former high priest of the Malwattae Chapter to inform the Chief prelate that Ranil Wickramasinghe had entered into a secret pact with LTTE .

The motion was passed by the House with an amendment proposed by the government to probe into allegations that the country's leaders had made secret deals with Tamil rebels, Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam since 1989, while Eelam wars were going on in the country.

Asian Tribune contacted Dilan Perera, State Minister of Justice, who was one the speakers in the Parliament of Sri Lanka on the motion moved by Sripathi Sooriyarachchi to appoint a parliamentary select committee.

Dilan Perera, speaking to Asian Tribune said on Thursday, Sripathi Sooriyarachchi, erstwhile colleague, moved for a select parliamentary committee to look into the secret pact alleged to have been entered into between the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Ealam (L.T.T.E) and Mahinda Rajapakse during the Presidential election time in 2005. Regarding the motion put forward by Sooriyarachchi, the Government decided to oblige with the request, with an amendment that it would be better to probe all the dealings with LTTE since 1989, with the view to query and investigate by the select committee. The Government was of the view that it is better to go into the allegations of any deals with the LTTE.

Asian Tribune: Why did they come up with this motion now?

Minister Dilan Perera: Six or seven years ago this same Mangala Samaraweera, went with me in a helicopter to Kandy to meet former high priest of the Malwattae Chapter to inform the Chief prelate that Ranil Wickramasinghe had entered into a secret pact with LTTE . He also told the Supreme Patriarch that he is in possession of a tape recording of UNP Parliamentarian, one of the senior party leaders Jayalath Jayawardhana had with the LTTE leaders. That was before the general election of 2001. Now does Mangla Samaraweera says that the alleged secret deal Ranil Wickramasinghe earlier had with LTTE does not exist? Or no more valid? Or is he going to deny Ranil Wickremasinghe did not earlier have any secret deal with the LTTE.

Now he comes up with another secret deal. He alleges that there was a secret deal between President Rajapakshe and the LTTE. It is very strange to note it took more than a year and a half to come up with such fabricated allegation. Does anybody know why it took him one and a half years to come up with such a weird allegation?

During the last presidential election Mangala Samaraweera, Sripathi Sooriyarachchi, Basil Rajapakshe, Dullas Alahaperuma and Wimal Weerawansa of the JVP were the members of the high powered Election Committee which conducted Mahinda Rajapakse’s election campaign.

Has he ever informed about this alleged secret pact with LTTE to anyone, at least either to Dullas Alahaperuma or Wimal Weerawansa?

Mangala Samaraweera was so close to Wimal Weerawansa. Has he ever told him about such a deal?

JVP said in the Parliament that they did not know that such a deal existed.

Why was any one not told about such an alleged secret deal the President Rajapakshe said to have had with the LTTE. ?

This seems only to be a political mud slinging campaign of the duo.

I will pose a general question to the non-LTTE Tamil people –

Does the Tamils believe that LTTE will auction the political right of the Tamil people for money?

Do the Tamil people believe that LTTE will auction the franchise Tamil people for money?

I also posed the questions to the TNA MP at the parliament yesterday, and his was not positive or negative response. However, he said “I don’t know.”

Jaffna district MP Suresh Premachandran told the House during the debate on the alleged government – LTTE deal, that “The TNA does not have any reliable information on whether money was given to the LTTE by the government and so we will not participate in this debate.”

My position is that Sooriyarachchi and Samaraweera delaying this allegation and now coming up with allegation is based on malice and revenge and nothing else.

This incident according to both Mangala Samaraweera and Sripathy Sooriyarachchi -

1. Had taken place one and a half years ago

2. Mangla Samaraweera made a similar allegation against Ranil Wickramasinghe few years ago. Bona fide of both is highly questionable. They are together now with Ranil Wickramasinghe to repeat the same type of allegation against President Rajapakshe.

3. They are also making allegation about certain funds gone to LTTE through Reconstruction and Development Agency (RADA)

The chairman of RADA was Tiran Alles.

When the cabinet or a particular minister allocates funds to a particular government legal entity, it is the responsibility of the head of that entity to see that the money which has been allocated to them and has been properly utilized.

So if Samaraweera and Sooriyarachchi are saying that the money that was allocated to RADA which is the institution in charge of lot of infrastructural development in the North and east was not accounted for or not properly used then it is Tiran Alles who should be held responsible if that money was misused.

If the money was given to an institution which has not build houses or constructed roads then the person to be held responsible is Tiran Alles and not anyone else.

The Committee On Public Enterprise (COPE) in parliament, in which I am also a member is in the process of investigating Tiran Alles and the official of RADA on these allegations. Last time, when RADA officials were summoned before COPE, all the other officers of RADA came before the COPE, but Tiran Alles did not present himself before COPE.

After Mangla Samaraweera was removed as Minister of Port and Aviation, Alavi Moulana, Governor of Western province mediated and a compromise deal between the President and Mangla Samaraweera was reached. It was agreed that he will be re-appointed as minister with cabinet status.

Even the auspicious time and date was fixed for him to be sworn in as a minister again. Sooriyarachchi at that time was in prison, despite of that Mangla agreed to be a minister in Mahinda’s cabinet, but suddenly Samaraweera did not want to be the minister of Irrigation for which the Sri Lanka President was getting ready to nominate him. But instead if he was given the port and aviation ministry he would be even today continuously supporting the president.

This shows that these are all clear reflection of personal vendetta.

Mr. Samaraweera was prepared to sell anything for his power and position. He even betrayed the former president Chandrika Kumaratunge. That was when Chnandrika Kumaratunge came up to introduce Post Tsunami Operational Management Structure (P –Toms) which was unanimously approved by all the committees of Sri Lanka Freedom Party, Cabinet and the Government. P –Tom was the ideal vehicle to do the post-Tsunami reconstruction work in the North and East. He not only let down Chandrika Kumaratunge by joining hands secretly with JVP, but also let down the cabinet of the Government.

In fact Mangla Samaraweera is a tower of political contradiction and a person tainted with of political hypocrisy.

- Asian Tribune -

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