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Pottu Amman behind leaking Information?

By Jaya Rohana

Despite the fact that the Tiger political leader and other five were killed after a successful air raid by the Sri Lankan Air Force fighter jets, the concern among many in Wanni now is not about the funeral arrangements, but about the leaking of this crucial piece of information regarding the location and time of the said meeting.

Tamilselvan who received injuries during operation "Yal Devi" in 1993, paid much attention to politics as he was not in a position to move around when and where required. He was given the position as the head of political division over many senior cadres of the outfit. In the beginning he was trained as an armed cadre in India under the fourth batch of Tigers.

Analysing how the Tiger terror out put operates, one can easily see that there is a power struggle within the organization. Karuna is the first example one can cite to establish this fact. The Karuna breakaway was considered a milestone in disclosing the internal rift that was gradually seeping through since the inception of the Tiger outfit. News reaching from Kilinochchi states that the conflicts between Karuna-Soosai, Soosai-Pottu Amman, Prabha-Pottu Amman and Tamilselvan-Pottu Amman were very much visible for those who live in Wanni.

Shanmuganathan Sivasankaran alias Pottu Amman, the intelligence chief of LTTE is known for his canny character among the first and second levels of the Tiger hierarchy. It is a known fact that Pottu was behind the master plan that paralysed the Sea Tiger head Soosai, even though it was shown as an accident that happened while conducting training in Mullaithivu lagoon.

Now it is Tamilselvan, another clear example to suspect the involvement of Pottu and his terror master mind behind this incident. The military and air intelligence might have had the information of the exact location and timings of the gathering and that of the presence of Tamiselvan. The question is how? For the military to get accurate information about this gathering which was held in discreet, some one from Wanni needs to pass the information down the line to the military.

There is a strong belief among the Tiger leaders that Pottu Amman was involved in leaking this vital piece of information which only the first level of Tiger leaders knew.

As Pottu is now done with Tamilselvan, it is said that he can slowly but steadily draw the next few steps towards becoming the Tiger leader. What are the remaining obstacles? There are only two barriers that Pottu has to win over and those are Prabhakaran and his son Charles Anthony. If Pottu can mastermind simple two plans to see that these two were killed as a result of either an accidental explosion, an accurate air raid or due to mistakenly swallowing a cyanide capsule, he can get away easily as he has done in this event.

Tigers will now try to tell the world that they are not willing to be involved in negotiations and finding solutions politically, when the government has killed their political leader. Indeed a good point for a school debate contest. But Tigers were quite fast to award the rank of Brigadier (self styled), whom they called as head of the political division. How ever if some is not aware of what is the last assignment that Tamilselvan held, well he was in charge of the military matters in Pooneryn before he was killed.

This is a deadly message to the tiger leader who thinks that he is going to become the first President of his dream Eelam nation. Well when Pottu is around he better take precautionary measures before it is too late as Pottu too have the same dream in mind.

- Asian Tribune -

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