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Minister Douglas Devananda: More detail emerges on the suicide attack

Colombo, 28 November, ( More detail now emerges on the attempt to kill EPDP Secretary General and Social Services and Social Welfare Minister Douglas Devananda.Stephen who succumbed in the attackStephen who succumbed in the attack

According to EPDP online news source, “The fascist LTTE have once again attempted to take the life Minister Douglas Devananda using another female suicide bomber. This the 2nd suicide bomb attacks by the LTTE on a public day in Colombo on Douglas Devananda, using a woman in both instances.”

A woman LTTE suicide bomber had gone to the Ministry of Social Services and Social Welfare at 61 Isapathana Road and had requested to see the Minister, as today is Wednesday, which is the Public Day during which time the Minister meets the public.

EPDP news website revealed that as usual the Minister’s Public Relations Officer, a senior EPDP member and Colombo EPDP organizer Mr. Stephen was busy registering the names of the visitors around 8:00 a.m. this morning (28-11-007).Body of the suicide bomberBody of the suicide bomber

There was this young woman, suicide bomber, appeared to be a needy person to the onlookers. When the woman reached Stephen he became suspicious and got the help of the Minister’s bodyguard and senior EPDP member Niyas Sithran to assist him in getting the details of the young woman.

When they both became suspicious they requested a policewoman to body check the young woman, at which time the suicide bomber detonated the suicide bomb and killed herself and injured Stephen and Sithran.

Stephen succumbed to his injuries at the hospital while Sithran is admitted to the hospital with severe injuries.

Earlier in July 2004, the LTTE sent its first woman suicide bomber in an attempt to kill Devananda at his then Ministry Office in Kolupity, also on a Public Day, which falls on every Wednesday, when the Ministers meet the Public in Sri Lanka.

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