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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 78

An indictment of Sri Lanka Government

[b]An indictment of Sri Lanka Government[/b]

By S. Makenthiran, B.A., FCCA.

The Sinhalese dominated Sri Lankan government stands indicted of genocide against the minority Tamils, who are the original inhabitants of the land. The following facts from the date of independence, proves beyond doubt the ethnic cleansing perpetrated by the successive Sinhalese regimes. These need to be presented to the world community and World Court for adjudication of the crimes against humanity:

In 1948, the very year that the British handed over the Ceylon Government (now named Sri Lanka) to the Sinhalese majority on a platter without any solid safeguards for the minorities, the Sinhalese dominated government passed an obnoxious law rendering half the Ceylon Tamil population stateless in the land of their birth. Out of about two million Tamil people in Ceylon at the time of independence, over one million Upcountry Tamils, who had lived in Ceylon for generations, were deprived of their citizenship by the Ceylon Citizenship act. To add to this crime, immediately thereafter, the Sinhalese government disenfranchised these Tamils by depriving them of their voting rights by passing the Ceylon Elections Amendment Act.

The Upcountry Tamils leaders carried on a peaceful satyagraha protest against this state racist policy, but it was ignored by the racist government and was unsuccessful. The first Prime Minister of Ceylon, D.S. Senanayake, a scheming Sinhalese racist is responsible for these crimes. The Sinhalese dominated government is guilty of land grab, by forcing a planned colonization of the traditional homeland of the Tamils in the Northeast by settling Sinhalese from the South in Tamil lands. Sinhalese criminals were systematically planted in Tamil villages by pushing out the indigenous Tamils. The protests by Tamils and their leaders were ignored and the Tamils who were the original inhabitants were deprived of their lands, reducing the latter to the position of a minority in parts of their own homeland.

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