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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 79

The inside of old Toshiba COCOM Affair

In Mar 2006 I read Japanese book "?????????? ?????????????" (in English, "The truth of Toshiba COCOM affair and American information manipulation : The noize of Soviet's submarine was gone.") (1993) by Japanese journalist Mikio Haruo ???? or Washington DC Cheif ????????, Kyodo News ????? and, soon, I suspect Toshiba Corp killed US Commerce secretary Malcolm Baldrige as Mind-control Terrorism. Nextly, I read 2 other Japanese books, 2ndly, "??????????? ???????????" (in English, "The tragedy of Toshiba Corp as a documentary : Who is next target of America ?") (Dec 10, 1987) by Japanese Eiji Oshita ???? and 3rdly, "???????" (in English, "The truth of Toshiba COCOM affair") (Aug 24, 1987 second edition) by the civilian network against a bill for official secrets ?????????????????? (currently, JCA-NET ( and Eco-Peace Kenkyukai ???????? (currently, Peacenet News ??????????). [b][color=red]Stronger and stronger, I suspect Toshiba Corp killed Baldrige.[/color][/b]

[b][color=red]The 1st book says US Commerce secretary Malcolm Baldrige claimed to Toshiba America President Nobuo Ishizaka ???? for the Toshiba-Kongsberg case on Jul 15, 1987 and he died for rodeo horse on Jul 25, 1987. I suspect Toshiba Corp mind-controlled the horse.[/color][/b]
[b][color=red]The 3rd book clearly suggests Richard Perle, "Prince of Darkness" and Stephen Bryen, leaders for the regulation of COCOM control or assistant secretary and deputy assistant secretary of defense for international economic, trade and security policy, battled with Malcolm Baldrige, a leader for the deregulation of COCOM control, and then they killed Malcolm Baldrige. It says Malcolm Baldrige is rather on Toshiba Corp side. It doesn't tell Malcolm Baldrige severely claimed Toshiba Corp 10 days before the his death.[/color][/b]
The 1st book says, Richard Perle firstly made American action against Japan's Toshiba Corp and he got hepatitis around Nov 1986 and quit his post in Jun 1987. I suspect Toshiba Corp gave him false (or mind-control abuse) hepatitis.

[color=red]People touching the Toshiba case in the 3 books - Richard Perle, Stephen Bryen, Fred Ikle, Caspar Weinberger, Ronald Reagan, William Triplett, Duncan Hunter, Edwin Jacob (Jake) Garn, Helen Bentley, Malcolm Baldrige, (McLellan ?) Guy Dubois ??????"??"?????, some US soldiers, Charles Wilson, John Rowland, Richard Shelby, Jesse Helms, John Heinz, Toby A. Roth, Stephen L. Neal, Gerald B. H. Solomon, Dale Bumpers, Alan J. Dixon, James H. Bilbray, (James Auer ?) ??????????, and (John E. Carbow ?) ????E????? - might/will be killed. People touching the Toshiba case out of the books - Wilber C Daniel, Charles Bennett, Donald Lukens and mayby more - also might/will be killed. The Congress persons might/will be interrupted in their elections if American agency can't protect them from Toshiba's mind-control. Please check them to protect them, American people. Because Toshiba persons are unbelievablly snake.[/color]
I care US Senator John Heinz, died for airplane crash on Apr 4, 1991 and US Representative Wilber C Daniel, died on Jan 23, 1988, not stronger than I care Baldrige. I mean, with Heinz case, Toshiba Corp might break the airplane by microwave. With Daniel case, I know he introduced H.R.2948 on Jul 15, 1978 but I don't know how he died on Jan 23, 1988.
Rep Charles Wilson is alive but resigned his post on Oct 8, 1996 and Rep James H. Bilbray is alive but failed for reelection in 1996. Year 1996 was when Toshiba Corp supplied Advanced Television (ATV) System of Atlanta 1996 Olympics for NBC, I care especially.
(On the other side, US Reps Duncan Hunter and Richard Shelby are alive and work for their post now.)

Japanese deep throat Kazuo Kumagai ????, former Moscow Branch chief, Wakokoeki ????, a company trading with communist countries, is alive. Wakokoeki introduced Soviet business to Toshiba Machine Co and Toshiba Machine Co selected Itochu Corp as the partner.
After Toshiba COCOM affair he got a success as writer Hitori Kumagai ???. The 2nd book says he had a Toshiba side opinion on monthly magazine Bungeishunju ????, Sep 1987 (or 1988). He was a Toshiba industrial spy, I think. He might be a member of (originally, communist) Toshiba Union. There surely is Kumagai ??, maybe a relative, among Toshiba Union leaders.

The 1st book says, 2 American soldiers secretly investigated East Germany's semiconductor CMOS plant Toshiba Corp would illegally export in 1986 and one of 2 American soldiers had a slight wound on his arm for 1 of 7 USSR army's shots in Potsdam, East Germany on Sep 17, 1987. I suspect Toshiba Corp mind-controlled Soviet soldiers to interrupt American investigation.
I found from old Japanese newspapers, on Sep 18, 1987 the White House opposed US Government's sanctions against Toshiba Corp. The White House might be mind-controlled. But the 1st book says Toshiba Corp didn't know even American Echelon spying in the Toshiba incident.

Toshiba COCOM affair is Americans' right rage from 1986 to 1988 for that Toshiba Machine Co ????, Itochu Corp ????? and Wakokoeki ???? illegally had sold strategically sensitive products, Toshiba Machine Co's sophisticated milling machines 9??????????????????4? with Kongsberg Vappenfabrik's numerical controllers ????(NC)?? to the Soviet Union in violation of the COCOM export control from 1982 to 1983 and the imports removed the noizy sound from Soviet's submarine. Americans might call it "the Toshiba-Kongsberg case" or "the Toshiba incident".

I also thought Toshiba COCOM affair, 1987 was for US-Japan economic friction. So I wrongly believed the Toshiba's information manipulation. At that time I was an university student or Toshiba Corp was nothing for me as for many Japanese. I knew, at that time Toshiba Corp clearly tried to revive Japan's anti-America and patriotism to replace the story.
(After 2000, in the back, Toshiba-Ogikai ???? communists/socialists/democrats occupy Electrical Electronic & Information Union (JEIU) ???? as leaders more than half of the years since the beginning 1953 and Leader Katsutoshi Suzuki ???? (from 1996 to 2003) and his JEIU said Japan is in American (mind-control) war and in the face, PM Junichiro Koizumi ????? and many Japanese professors on TV and journalists on books and Koizumi's Japanese Government, as cheaters, say rascal America moves Japan. While they have appealed Japan's anti-America or Japan's patriotism, Toshiba persons completely occupied Japan and are occupying the World by microwave of high definition television (HDTV).)

[color=red]The 1st book says Iran-Contra operation was leaked in Nov 1986 and then President Ronald Reagan decreased the power in US Congress. I think Toshiba Corp might make it. (I remember Atsutoshi Nishida ????, current Toshiba President, married an Iranian in 1975 and officially, he worked in America in 1992.) According to Mar 29, 2006's news Caspar Weinberger died (in hospital) on Mar 28, 2006 and resigned his post Secretary of Defense in 1987 for the leak.[/color]
(I stronger suspect Bush's Secretary of Defense Donald H. Rumsfeld is a Toshiba industrial spy or Toshiba Corp sent Toshiba industrial spy Donald H. Rumsfeld for Bush's Secretary of Defense. Because he selected Japan's Toshiba Corp as partner for American high definition television (HDTV) when he was the president of General Instrument Corporation (from 1990 to 1993).)

[color=red]The 3rd book introduces Iran-Contra affair to argue against America. And I stronger and stronger suspect Toshiba Corp leaked Iran-Contra affair to ruin Donald Reagan's administration.[/color]
Now I'm afraid that Donald Reagan's Alzheimer's disease and Caspar Weinberger's pneumonia maybe would be Toshiba's mind-control abuse.
([color=blue]Toshiba communist/democrat laborer journalists say Japan's PM(s) was/were killed by America's mind-control, therefore, I imagine Japan's PM Keizou Obuchi ????'s May 14, 2000 cerebral infarction and Masayoshi Oohira ????'s Jun 12, 1980 myocardial infarction also were Toshiba's mind-control murders.[/color] Japanese TV repeated that Obuchi, "Bucchi phone" ??????, constantly telephoned America but, in fact, he might telephone a Japanese. Toshiba R&D team developed cellular phone "i-mode" in the inside of NTT and NTT Docomo Corp mind-control-sold (unnecessary) i-mode in Japan after Feb 1999 and Obuchi would unfairly get money from NTT Docomo stock. Or he might fight with Nobuyuki Idei ????'s Sony Corp and Bill Clinton's America against historical thief and terrorist Toshiba's satellite Mbsat.)

The 1st book says in Aug 1988 Japan's NEC Corp was also suspected for COCOM by some news (and it effectively used a big lobbyist). Toshiba Corp would leak it to dilute its own case.

The 1st book is totally on Toshiba side but it taught me another Toshiba's murder suspicion. I knew Japanese except Toshiba (laborer) persons can't publish any book against Toshiba Corp from long before. The 2nd and 3rd books are perfectly on Toshiba side.
Especially, the 3rd book writers also are against America. I think the writers, old JCA-Net members, are communists. (And book "????????" (in English, "The declaration as the unity of labor battle line") (Mar 30, 1983) by Toshiba Labor Union leader Toshifumi Tateyama ???? says after 1945 Japanese Communist Party organized and perfectly controlled laborers of many companies and they stationed in Toshiba Horikawa Factory ?????? but I think Toshiba persons organized and perfectly controlled laborers of many companies as communist elites. The object of the expression is just like Toshiba-Ogikai ????.)

??????"??"????? (McLellan ?) Guy Dubois of TTAC, American agency in the 1st book is alive in safety ? I can't find only him. Or he is Guy Dubois ???????, Cramer President and CEO and (former) PeopleSoft Japan President or former Vantive Executive Vice President ? In 2000 Orix Securities Corp, a company occupied by Toshiba persons, used CRM application of Vantive through NTT Data, another company occupied by Toshiba persons. Now Guy Dubois might be used or mind-controlled by Toshiba Corp.

[color=red][b]Toshiba Corp maybe supports any memorial institute for Malcolm Baldrige and John Heinz as a false humanist but I believe Toshiba Corp killed Malcolm Baldrige. Therefore, I earlier informed to many people in the World my case Toshiba mind-control abuse.[/b][/color]

[color=blue]The 2nd book, on Toshiba side, says, former Toshiba President Kazuo Iwata ????, trueborn, said to the writer "... However, the most important is to implore America to stop to make a sanction against Toshiba Corp. If America orders me to show them my penis, I do it or I do even walk around on any street doing it. Even if people laugh at me, I do it for 100 years old Toshiba Corp... ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????", after he urged resignation of Toshiba Chairman Shoichi Saba ???? and Toshiba President Sugiichiro Watari ?????.
Not only Toshiba baseball persons, Toshiba-Ogikai ???? persons maybe would have ordered their workers to show Toshiba-Ogikai persons the workers' penises as a punishment, therefore, a trueborn Toshiba president could naturally say it.
(Drinking, Hisanori Takahashi ???? often showed people his hip (once, and penis in the back) on TV camera after his joining Yomiuri Giants ???????? in 1999 and he was pround of the his famous performance as his own performance since Toshiba baseball player days or before. Tetsu Ooishi ???, currently, Toshiba Fuchu ???? rugby trainer and maybe retired Toshiba Fuchu ???? baseball player, coached him when Takahashi was a high-school player. On Toshiba Information Equipments Co ?????? (TIE)'s baseball tournament day in Jun or Jul 1999, without drinking, Katsumi Kobayashi ????, 28, Kanto-Toshiba Information System ???????????? (KIS) person maybe from retired Toshiba Fuchu ???? baseball player, delightedly put his naked hip on the window of our room in daytime at Toshiba's hotel "Denkiya ???" to show outside people it when Shigeru Watado ???, about 34, KIS person, ordered him to do it.)
Trueborn Toshiba President would bring the vulgar custom to Toshiba Group. (And Toshiba Corp is a sexual mind-control abuse criminal to me.)
The book also taught me, a side funny story, Toshiba President (from 1965 to 1972) Toshio Doko ???? ordered all Toshiba persons to turn off all lights out of working time. The Doko doctrine is alive. In 1999 Toshiba Information Equipments Co ?????? (TIE) stingy automatically turned off all lights from 12:00 to 13:00 while many employees worked hard.[/color]

([color=blue]My father was diagnosed with diabetes in Sep 2005 and my mother has had a trailing for a foot pain since 2000. Toshiba persons gave me awakening for thirst in midnight like diabetes from Apr to Dec 1999 and trailing for a foot pain in Mar 1999, therefore, I suspect Toshiba Corp might give them each symptom. Especially, I'm anxious that my father takes (unnecessary) diabetes medicine and is being worse day by day after Sep 2005 like an Atsutoshi Nishida plan.[/color])

[i](In my case, the criminals mainly are Tomohiro Takahashi ???? and Shigeru Ootsuka ??? of Toshiba General Affairs Division and Kiichi Ogata ?????? and Toshihiro Sawaoka ?????? (an employee of DVD trading section) of Toshiba IEG Division. They worked as Toshiba-Ogikai ???? member for Taizo Nishimuro ????, Toshiba President in Apr 1999. Cowardly Toshiba persons perfectly interrupt my e-mailing on and my accessing to US Senator homepages from Dec 23, 2005. Although I think I go to Washington DC to be rescued from Toshiba's crime mind-control-abuse, soon without my money problem.
I still can't open my e-mail box at for snake Toshiba's interruption from Dec 23, 2005. And I confirmed on Feb 23, 2006 Toshiba Corp interrupts my printing my documents on PC. It is for Nishida's order, I believe. Toshiba President Atsutoshi Nishida ???? mind-control-drives yen cheaper and oil higher and will mind-control-sell HD DVD hard and soft, SED TV set and nuclear power equipments. But also previously, Toshiba may need amendment of yen depreciation to buy Westinghouse in 2006 and 2 news - Toshiba postponed selling SED TV set from 2006's summer to 2007's end on Mar 8, 2006 and the Bank of Japan stops Japan's quantitative easy money policy on Mar 9, 2006 - also support it. And in North America Toshiba Corp will sell 500 dollar HD DVD player from middle Apr 2006 but in Japan it doesn't sell 500 dollar HD DVD player from late Mar 2006.
(Toshiba executive who talked me, a stranger, on a day in Jul 1998 (after a day in Nov 1997) is Tadashi Okamura ???, not Nishimuro nor Nishida.)
* Craziest Toshiba Call Center peeping woman Misono ???, 40 to 60, telephoned me as a gravestone sales person on Apr 3, 2006 after noon. Not only she, Toshiba Call Center persons, women and men, young and old - Yoshiaki Nishimoto ????, Shigeru Otsuka, Toshihiro Sawaoka and many others - repeated it from 2003. Especially, the most cowardly old man, maybe Tomohiro Takahashi, got irritated on Apr 6, 2006 and mind-control-abused my parents again that night.)[/i]

[b][color=red]I really want strong US Reps Duncan Hunter and Richard Shelby, and American agency to help me. I really want to be a refugee from Japan to America.[/color][/b]

by Seitaro Kanamaru ?????, a Japanese
[i]I am a Mind-Control Victim by Toshiba Corp since 1997.
(My face is at
* My site in Japanese[/i]

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