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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 78

It is not raving but a factual dissection

[b]It is not raving but a factual dissection[/b]

“Remember how your minority lower caste oppressed Tamils were forbidden to enter or live near Kovils (Hindu temples); draw water from wells in the grounds of high caste Vellalah families, sit on bus seats, forbidden to wear shoes, to enter cafes, barber shops, and the women not allowed to cover the upper parts of their bodies or even to wear gold- earrings, or use umbrellas under the scorching sun. Remember all that? All these were happening even in the 50s. A Tamil apartheid of sort!” Writes Asoka Weerasinghe from Canada.

Asoka Weerasinghe’s full response to the criticism of his earlier letter is given below:

Asian Tribune


Now that the separatist Tamils have established that Asoka Weeerasinghe is a "Sinhalese, racist and chauvinist", and I in turn have recognized them as a bunch of "pretend angels with gingerly-oil polished halos and foreheads striped with holy ash" , and according to the same separatist logic that they fit perfectly into the category of "Tamil, racist chauvinists" , and we have also figured out our pedigrees too, now let us upgrade this discussion a notch or two as the subject is important for both communities, and there are outsiders who want to make their own educated judgments based on our dialogue. And I have much to contribute as I have little intention to let half truths and false statements like, Canada having 300,000 Tamils when there are only 100,000 recorded statistically lie in the public domain without being challenged.

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