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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 82

Japan's Terrorism : Japan didn't investigate it.

I so naturally believe that Ryongchon Explosion, North Korea on Apr 22, 2004 was Japan's 1st after World War II maneuver using a satellite Mbsat or N-Star-C. And Japanese PM Junichiro Koizumi, a Toshiba spy or mind-controlling man, went to N. Korea again on May 22, 2004. Therefore I hate Koizumi very much as a human, although, of course, I hate Toshiba persons. But I believe the Japanese couldn't expect 154 innocent persons including many children were killed on the explosion.
Japanese Diet didn't investigate it while even American Congress investigated Bush's lie with Iraq's WMD (Weapon Mass Destructions). Any Japanese media didn't say it at all or there was no freedom of speech and no justice as human in Japan.
It is right that Chinese and Korean people say Japan is toward militarization. Japanese satellite is an Military Weapon. I want them to reveal to the World that Japanese satellite is an evil Military Weapon. (But I hope that (parts of) Chinese people won't go to the violence to Japanese.)

Koizumi will mind-control UN members with Toshiba Corp to get a permanent UN Security Council seat.

United Nation was cheated by Toshiba Corp. In 2003 Toshiba Corp joined United Nations Procurement Division "The Global Compact". But Toshiba Corp does never admit its own criminal faults positively. Toshiba Corp hides too much - Criminals of 300 million yen Affair, Dec 10, 1968 and Corporate Secret Police "Toshiba-OgiKai" since 1969, my case and so on.
United Nation will be cheated by Setsuo Imai's Toshiba communist laborer group "Association of Toshiba Workers for Defending Human Rights and Eliminating All Forms of Discrimination". On May 1, 2005, the group's site (including English statements) at said it would try to join UN Global Compact Head office, NY, USA to appeal Toshiba-Ogikai crime by Toshiba Corp so cheekly without admitting "300 million yen" Affair by old crazy Toshiba communist laborers.

China's affair "Mitsui&Co part-timer Kunio Nagase, 62, bribed a Chinese official to supply transformer equipments (not main equipments) for Beilungang Thermal Power Plant phase II (Unit 3, 4, 5) in Ningbo, Zhejiang, China" was informed, firstly on Jun 1, 2001, to Japan.
The Chinese official was guilty with 11 years imprisonment on Dec 7, 2000. Kunio Nagase was guilty with 2 years imprisonment and deportation from China and Mitsui&Co was not guilty on Feb 28, 2002.
In Chinese law court they were judged but Toshiba Corp wasn't.
Mitsui&Co didn't speak very much but press-released that Mitsui&Co head office employed him in Jan 1996 in Japan.
Toshiba Corp didn't say anything to the press. While Toshiba Corp supplied 1 transformer equipment in 1997 and 2 transformer equipments in 1998 for the plant.
Nagase can be a Toshiba spy and the real principal can be Toshiba Corp not Mitsui.
Why didn't Chinese investigate and accuse Toshiba Corp ? (My view is absolutely no wrong.)

The explosion including death of 23 persons at Beilungang Thermal Power Plant phase I occured on Mar 10, 1993.
GEC-Alsthom awarded Beilungang Thermal Power Plant phase I (Unit 1, 2) in Ningbo, Zhejiang in 1987 but Mitsui&Co and Toshiba Corp awarded (main equipments of) Beilungang Thermal Power Plant phase II (Unit 3, 4, 5) in Ningbo, Zhejiang in 1995.
And Toshiba Corp supplied 1 transformer equipment in 1989 for the plant. I have thought Toshiba employees had chances to explode. This thought is crazy for a person who doesn't know Toshiba Corp. (I suspect Toshiba persons executed terrorism by radar to Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd, Japan in 2002.)

Toshiba's Mbsat is so risky in South Korea's sky. Naturally Toshiba spy Koizumi didn't refuse Toshiba's Mbsat. Before then, his civilization of governmental Post Office was domination by Toshiba Corp and Toshiba spies.

I wonder India believes Toshiba Corp too much.

I wanted World people to seek the truth and peace.

by Seitaro Kanamaru, a Japanese
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