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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 79

Legendary Iravanan: An allegory

[b]Legendary Iravanan: An allegory[/b]

By K.T.Rajasingham

Saivaites in Sri Lanka and all over the world recall Iravanan (known also as Ravana) daily through this devotional hymns of (Saint) Thiru+Gnana+Sampanthar – "-the holy ashes were upon him," (worn by Iravanan) – the highest form of valedictory eulogy showered upon the great Tamil King of Lanka by a holy Saint.

But today, nearly 80 million Tamils and Saivaites all over the world, are perturbed by attempts to build a tabernacle for Iraman at Sita-Eliya and of the attempt to erect a statute with 16 feet in height to Hanuman, at Ramboda, in a country where Iravanan ruled and strode majestically. Up to now, there is no separate temple either for Iraman or Hanuman in Lanka, where the Tamil king ruled with regal pride. Even after the lapse of 3,000 long years, the Aryan elements are still at work to conclude the Aryanization in Lanka, without any stoppage of besmirching the great Iravanan.

Iravanan was the grandson of Pulastiyan on the paternal side and of Sumali on the maternal side. Pulastiyan a Brahmin was the son of Brahma. Iravanan had the commingling of the Raksha, Yaksha and Brahmin blood in him. Iramayanam, Book V – Canto xxiii, describes Iravanan’s noble descent as follows :

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