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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 78

Letter to Mr.Anandasangaree

Dear Sir,

I read your letter to Mr.Thondaman on a website.It was interesting and a very sound advice to Mr.Thondaman and his party. Whether he takes it up or not is a question but rest assured the LTTE is already there in the Up-country.

In this contextI have to go back and remind myself that it was the TULF which created the LTTE. I am confident you would not deny this fact. During that time the Tamil leaders did not know what they were doing. They did not know the dangers they will face when they created a monster. Politicans had to think far ahead and forsee what was coming when they initiate a plan. Had Mr.Chelvanayagam lived, I doubt he would have allowed an insurgency movement to crop up and grow. The LTTE which was created by the TULF did become the enemy of the TULF and the Tamils as a whole. They thrive in the name of the Tamil People.

When Mr. Appapillai Amirthalingam took leadership, the attitude of the TULF politicans changed dramatically. There was friction within the executive committee. The poiticians were thinking of themselves and not the Tamil people. They spoke one thing in the North and East and another in the South. The youths took advantage of the weakness of the Tamil politicans. Mr.Amirthalingam created a Tamil youth forum which later became an insurgency movement for which he became the "Thlapathy". Racial slogans were the theme at the Tamil platforms in the North and East. Once in Colombo they played a different tone. The murder of Alfred Thuraiappah, mayor of Jaffna was the first politican to be murdered by Prabaharan and Amirthalingam's son. The murder was carried out on the instigation of Amirthalingam. The murder took plalce while Mr.Alfred Thuraiappy was worshipping. There is a natural retribution for such acts. After the murder, Amirthalingam helped Pirabaharan by keeping him in his house while the police and army were searching for Pirabaharan. There came a time when the LTTE took control of everything and the TULF had no say in Tamil poitics.

The LTTE went on rampage killing Tamil politicans and those who opposed to their violence. Once Amirthalingam told Pirabahran " The killingns had gone up and should be put on hold at least the time being. I am not asking you to give up violence but you should cool down". Pirabaharan smiled and kept silence.

Coming to the subject of Up-country Tamils, MrS.J.V.Chelvanayagam, MrG.G.Ponnambalam and other politicans who pretended to be fighting for the Tamils of the North and East, were unable to obtain the fundermental rights of the Tamil people. Instead they started to take up the issue of the Up-country Tamils. Why? Hence it was a natural fear among the Sinhalese that if the Tamils of the North and East was allowed to join the Up-country Tamils with the support of Tamil Nadu,a their position would be weakened. In your letter to Thondaman you state " Please maintain this position since the problem of the Up-country Tamils are much different from those of the Tamils of North and East". Did this difference not exist then?

However, I am now pleased to note that you have at least realised this fact now when most of the TULF leaders are gone. I am also happy to note that your voice against the LTTE is heard loud and clear. I am hopeful that many more Tamils to come forward openly and join you to save the Tamils from the crutches of the LTTE. But be warned the diamond has to be cut with a diamond. The monster has to be slain for good. There is no half way. The Sri Lankan Government and the world community should ralise this fact. The Sri Lankan Government is now thinking in terms of money from the donor governments and their pressure but not the threat of the LTTE. Norway is not going to leave Sri Lanka and the LTTE.

I am reminded of the words of Ram Manikkalingam a Mac Arther Fellow and doctoral candidate in political science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA).

" The Tamil nationalists, who once claimed that the Tigers are the sole representatives of the Tamil people, strain to defend them today on the basis that there is nothing else left for the Tamil people. This pessimistic view of Tamils, however, ignores the silent yearning for peace and justice of the civilians in the North-East. They have a story to tell and a political project to carry out. But they have been silenced and the political possibility that they represent has been sabotaged by threats and violence. Thus, for Tamil peoples' desire for justice to become a reality, tigerism must go".

Tigerism will not leave us vountarily. It will haunt our community for many more years unless we resolve not to support politically and financially. Terrorism is not the way to achieve our desired results. We cannot allow the country to be divided for racism will takes its toll. We had to work along with the Sinhalese to achieve our rights.

The LTTE leader wants to be a terrorist rebel because he wants to be, not because he has to be. The LTTE has to be contained and destroyed and should not be allowed to grow further.

We shall never forget or forgive the murders of our kith and kin by the LTTE.


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