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Lexar Media v. Toshiba Trial (in USA) : Toshiba is a thief.

[color=red]This is to watch Toshiba's mind-controlling people. Toshiba Corp decided in the end of Apr 1999 that it would be a loser PC's FDC trial and Toshiba Corp mass-mind-controlled to get people's simpathy as a general sufferer from abnormal U.S. law system. Later, Toshiba Corp succeeded in mind-controlling American people and in reducing the punishment.[/color] (I renew material I posted.)

[i]On Nov 12, 2001 after Toshiba Corp (Japan) opened MLC NAND flash memory technology (for US patent), Lexar Media, Inc (USA) found MLC NAND flash memory by Toshiba Corp and SanDisk Corp (USA) used Lexar's flash memory controller technology although Toshiba and SanDisk announced the agreement on Oct 6, 1999 and manufactured.
Lexar Media, Inc filed in Santa Clara County Superior Court (USA) a lawsuit alleging theft of trade secrets and breach of fiduciary duty claims in the development of a flash memory architecture against Toshiba Corp, Toshiba America, Inc. and Toshiba America Electronics Corp on Nov 5, 2002. Reversely on Jan 13, 2003, Toshiba Corp filed in United States District Court for the Northern District of California (USA) a lawsuit against Lexar Media, alleging that Lexar flash memory products and peripherals infringe Toshiba's U.S. Patent but on Jan 25, 2005, the Court construed several key terms in Lexar's favor, rejecting several of Toshiba's attempts to avoid infringement of Lexar's patents. (Detail at and so on.)[/i]

[i]On Mar 23, 2005, the Santa Clara County Superior Court jury initially awarded Lexar $381 million in compensatory damages. On Mar 24, 2005, the jury determined that Toshiba should pay an additional $84 million in punitive damages, bringing the total to $465 million. The additional award for punitive damages resulted when the jury found that Toshiba and TAEC's actions were oppressive, fraudulent or malicious.[/i]
Toshiba Corp didn't simply mind-control the jury to win as always. But, the punitive damage was only a fraction of the $1 billion or more sought by Lexar.

[i]"Toshiba believes that the verdict rendered by the jury was in error, and we plan to pursue all available legal avenues to correct it", Toshiba Corp said in a statement after the Mar 25, 2005 judgement. Toshiba Corp said the legal actions were still undecided.
Further, Toshiba Corp answered "Flash memory supply will go stronger and stronger in FY 2005 and FY 2006.", May 13, 2005 morning Nikkei Newspaper said.[/i]

[b]Lexar seeks an injunction that bars the sale of Toshiba's products in the U.S., including products that have been found to incorporate Lexar's trade secrets, such as Toshiba's large and small block NAND flash chips, its CompactFlash, Secure Digital and xD-Picture Cards.[/b]
[color=red]But a post-trial for the hearing has been delayed. The date changed Apr 13, 2005 to May 16, 2005 and May 16, 2005 to [b]Jun 21, 2005[/b].[/color]

Feb 10, 2005 BusinessWire at informed the Toshiba's malicious : Feb 10, 2005 trial.
Toshiba executive Yoshihide Fujii, who was secretly negotiating with SanDisk Corp, ilegally got Lexar's trade secret from Hideo Ito, a senior Toshiba executive who sat on Lexar's board from 1997 to 1999.
In May 1997, Toshiba's flash memory didn't make business. By 1997, Toshiba had tried but failed to develop a reliable flash memory controller. In May 1997, Toshiba invested $3 million in Lexar and asked for a seat on Lexar's board of directors.
Yoshihide Fujii testified that the investment in Lexar was "cheap insurance" for Toshiba. Secretly in May 1997, Toshiba Corp intended to sustain Lexar and simultaneously associate with SanDisk Corp but Toshiba said it collaborated with SanDisk after it dissolved 1997 agreement with Lexar. Officially, on Oct 6, 1999, Toshiba and SanDisk announced the collaboration.

In Japan, media didn't inform the Toshiba's malicious, so, most of Japanese would see this Lexar v. Toshiba case just an normal IP (intellectual property) trouble.
Toshiba Corp mind-controlled media or gave media political pressure. As a Toshiba's political pressure case, Stock Market TV program, Tokyo TV network, Japan, 9:00, 11:00 and 15:30 Monday to Friday, has never informed the Toshiba's bad news.
Nikkei Newspaper said 2 times on Mar 25 and 26, 2005 mornings, Toshiba Corp collabolated with SanDisk Corp after it dissolved 1997 agreement with Lexar.

Mar 31, 2005 at Clint Boulton said "Judge may deny Lexar injunction request". Was this an usual propaganda by Toshiba cybazzies ? (Fremont, CA, Apr 7, 2005 -- Lexar Media, Inc. announced that the Court has re-scheduled the Apr 13, 2005 post-trial hearing to May 16, 2005.)

I believe Toshiba Corp stole Lexar's technology.
I give you a fact. [i]Toshiba (R&D) employee Syunsuke Migita, 28 and his 2 older co-workers of NEC Toshiba Space Systems Ltd hacked formerly Japanese Space Agency NASDA's computer to steal Mitsubishi Electric's confidential document for NASDA's satellite Winds on Dec 12, 2001 and they were arrested May 30, 2002 and only Migita was guilty on Sep 6, 2002.[/i]

Of course, I hope everybody won't be cheated by only one Japan's criminal freemason mind-controlling, Toshiba Corp. Toshiba Corp lost in Mobile PC FDC U.S. trial and the later it succeeded in mind-controlling American people and in reducing the punishment.

Toshiba's "steal" business is just a Japanese way, according to Toshiba person's usual saying in the site - Crime : Toshiba must pay $380 mil. for stealing trade secrets, Thursday, Mar 24, 2005 at 15:42 JST, JapanToday at As you know, of course, the "steal" business is just a way of only Toshiba Corp. Toshiba Corp is different especially far from other Japanese companies or Toshiba employees are not company persons but criminals.

And I want the World to know all from that many crazy Toshiba cybazzies were on Yahoo! Finance Message Boards for Lexar Media, Inc. (Of course, they didn't post any message about the trial to Yahoo! Japan Finance Message Boards for Toshiba Corp but they everyday write there.)

This time, I hope America ruins atrocious and cowardly Toshiba Corp. So Toshiba spies and mind-controls for business.
I strongly believe Japanese former Apple Computer President Eikou Harada was a Toshiba spy and he wasn't alone in Apple Computer, Inc. You know Toshiba Corp supplies its flash memory for Apple's iPod Shuffle (1G) and its HDD for Apple's iPod.

Lexar and FBI should check whether all Japanese employees of Lexar Media, Inc. and formerly, Cirrus Logic, Inc. were Toshiba spies. Toshiba Corp could send Japanese spies to Lexar Media, Inc. (formerly, Cirrus Logic, Inc.) before and after 1997 investment to Lexar Media, Inc and before and after the Oct 1994 contact with Cirrus Logic, Inc.

[b][color=red]Please watch Lexar Media, Inc v. Toshiba Corp US Trial for Fair Court. Toshiba Corp is mind-controlling.[/color][/b]

[i]Toshiba Corp is crazy for money. (But Toshiba's money is shared to Toshiba persons not Toshiba Corp, Toshiba stockholders.)
Crazier for money, next Toshiba President Atsutoshi Nishida, who married an Iranian for Iranian business, is more risky than crazy for money, current Toshiba President Tadashi Okamura.
Now in 2005 yen depreciation begins again. I believe, Toshiba Corp is preparing to sell SED (a kind of FED) display TV set to the World in late 2005, so, Toshiba Corp made 2003 Japan's plasma and LCD display TV set booming to sell Toshiba's display LSI and digital BS tuner inside most of the TV sets.
In 2004 Sony Corp and Mitsubishi Electric Corp could sell FED display TV set and in 2003 Hitachi Ltd and Matsushita Electric Industrial Co could sell Plasma display TV set and before Sharp Corp could sell LCD display TV set, but America still didn't have the TV set booming.[/i]

[color=blue][b](Ref.) Mind-control :[/b]
[i]Pravda, Nov 10, 2004, "Mind control: The Zombie Effect" at
Pravda, Jan 6, 2005, "Psychic security department protects Russian presidents from external psychological influence" at

by Seitaro Kanamaru, a Japanese
[i]* My BBS threads in English : I am an Mind-Control Victim by Toshiba Corp since 1997.
(My face is at
* My site in Japanese[/i]

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