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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 79

Liberation" for What? An Open Letter To All concerned.

[b]Liberation" for What? An Open Letter To All concerned.[/b]

By Lalith Ganhewa - Asian Tribune Bureau Germany

The LTTE’s liberation struggle is supposedly for the future of ‘their’ people. Who is the future? Of course, today’s Children. The state of the three police officers who were committed to child protection and previously recommended for rewards and promotions by the former President of Sri Lanka, for their commitment towards children have not been released for more than 2 months, while the paedophile was released is a paradoxical situation.

The only felony these policemen have committed was to be so-called ‘policemen’! There is a period one can ‘wait and see’ and bear the agony for a reasonable ‘diplomatic’ solution. What about the agony of their wives, children and parents who are having sleepless nights in this seemingly never ending saga? Enough is enough of this psychological warfare on them and the relatives! If the LTTE thinks it is bothering the hierarchy in the South they are mistaken! However they can use the situation for their never-ending ‘mischief’.

These officers went to Mannar in pursuit of a convicted British Paedophile Michael Smith on information given by the British Police attaché in Colombo. The Bishop of Mannar had reassured them that he would inform the LTTE hierarchy for permission and they were accompanied by two Catholic priests of the area. These are facts no body could challenge nor contradict. These officers had no other police duties for three years other than child protection and the number of paedophiles and other abusers they have arrested is enormous. They had no connection to the regular police but to the NCPA. These perpetrators of child crime are most likely rejoicing and patting the back of the LTTE.

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