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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 81

LTTE Balasingham defeated in Norway elections but new ......

[b]LTTE Balasingham defeated in Norway elections but new foreign policy expected to tilt more to the LTTE[/b]

From our Oslo correspondent

[b] Oslo, 14 September, ([/b] Yogarajah Balasingham, the LTTE agent who was hoping to get a seat in the Norwegian Parliament as a candidate of the Labour Party, did not come anywhere near the winning margin. The LTTE was hoping that he would win but he lost as he was at the bottom of the list of Labour Party candidates headed by the Labour Party leader, Jens Stoltenberg. Only six candidates of the Labour won in Oslo. Balasingham was 18th in the list.

In his election campaign Balasingham has blackened the image of the Muslims by saying that “the most dangerous community on earth”. The backlash against him was severe with the Somalian Muslims voting against him. The Labour Party too is embarrassed by this racist attack on the Muslims. Tamil dissidents in Oslo believe that this was a direct attack on the Muslims of Sri Lanka too who are opposed to the hegemony of the LTTE.

After the Socialist coalition victory on Monday the leader of the Labour Party, Jens Stoltenberg, will be the new Prime Minister. The direct LTTE links to this party will give better leverage for the LTTE to use Norway as a base for fund raising, propagandizing and putting diplomatic pressure through the Norwegian foreign ministry against Sri Lanka. More funds are likely to flow into the LTTE war machinery both through official and unofficial channels. Officially 40 million US dollars are channelled to projects in Sri Lanka and a sizeable increase in the Norwegian “aid” to Sri Lanka is expected.

The peace “facilitators” will now get a carte blanche to offer financial packages and Norwegian diplomats will be instructed to work for a “peaceful” solution of the Sri Lankan conflict. In practical terms this will make it more difficult to ban the LTTE since the Norwegian diplomats will try to block such attempts by arguing that a ban on the LTTE will make it difficult for them advance the peace process. Norway has consistently acted in the interests of the LTTE preventing the international community from taking stringent actions against its terror tactics.

After the killing of the foreign minister, Lakshman Kadirgamar, who was an open critic of the Norwegian role in Sri Lanka, Norway worked overtime in the European Union to prevent the ban. However, if the Bondevik government ran into difficulties for its biased role in Sri Lanka the role of Stoltenberg’s government, infiltrated by the LTTE agents, will make it more suspicious in the eyes of the Sri Lankan public.

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