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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 79

LTTE issues Aanai Fatwa on our Correspondent

[b]LTTE issues Aanai Fatwa on our Correspondent[/b]

[b]Melbourne, 07 November, ([/b] Selliah Nagarajah, correspondent of the Asian Tribune and a columnist of the Australian a Tamil community newspaper -- last week received an edict which is called in Tamil Aanai equivalent to the Arabic word ‘fatwa’ warning him that "no one will be able to stop your death".

This is the latest in a series of threats received by the newspaper Uthayam and its columnist, Selliah Nagarajah, an academic who writes under the pen-name of [b]Eluvankarayan [/b](Person fromt he East).

Nagarajah hails from the eastern coast of Batticoloa.

Nagarajah is among the other Tamil writers who are on the hit list of the LTTE.

The Editor of the Uthayam, Dr. Noel Nadesan, too is high on the list. Both are highly critical of the human rights violations committed by the LTTE.

The Tamil translation of letter threatening death is as follows:

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