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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 72

LTTE prosecution team failed to record statement of Mannar..

[b]LTTE prosecution team failed to record statement of Mannar Bishop in the case of the three detained Sri Lanka police officers.[/b]

[b]Colombo, 15 November, ( [/b]The Inspector of Police P.Bhavani of the Tamil rebel outfit, Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam made a startling revelation before their district judge, that according to investigations the three Sri Lanka policemen arrested and held in custody by the LTTE in Kilinochchi belongs to a team of sharp shooters assembled by the Sri Lankan armed forces to penetrate into the LTTE controlled areas with hit-lists.

In the meantime it was earlier reported that a team of seven NCPA officials entered the LTTE controlled area on 10 September accompanied with two Catholic Fathers arranged and sent by Bishop of Mannar to arrest a foreigner accused of child abuse.

Yesterday, the case against the three policemen was one more time taken up in the LTTE’s district court in Kilinochchi..

The three policemen along with others entered the LTTE controlled area accompanied by the two catholic priests were arrested at Arrippu in the Mannar area when they crossed into the area supposed to be controlled by the LTTE on 10 September.

The prosecuting LTTE’s Inspector told their District Judge Sathana that according to their investigations, evidence are emerging that the accused entered the LTTE controlled area for purposes other than trying to arrest a child molester as was earlier claimed by the defendants.

But mysteriously enough, LTTE’s prosecuting officer never mentioned a word about the Mannar Bishop or of the two priests who accompanied these police officers when they cross into the LTTE controlled area.

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