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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 72

The LTTE shadow over India

[b]The LTTE shadow over India[/b]

By Dr. Subramanian Swamy - (The writer is a former Union Law Minister)

The assassination of the Sri Lankan Foreign Minister Kadirgamar recently in Colombo has exposed the fault lines in India’s policy towards the internationally proclaimed terrorist organization, the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam[LTTE]. On one side, the Indian government has banned the LTTE as a terrorist organization because of its murderous activities and yet on the other side, despite the continuing assassinations, India does not oppose the “peace dialogue” of the Sri Lanka government with the LTTE, which talks could end up legitimizing the terrorist outfit and making the ban meaningless.

Although the LTTE has officially denied any involvement in the assassination of Kadirgamar, such a denial cannot be taken seriously, because the LTTE has always denied it’s involvement in any terrorist activity---murder, arson, extortion, drug trafficking, etc.. The LTTE for example denied any part in Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination. However, the Supreme Court of India in it’s 400 page judgment delivered on May 12, 1999 has laid bare what a huge black lie that is.

In the Kadirgamar murder that happened at his residence, it is established that a sniper killer fired from a neighboring house to do the dirty deed. That house is owned by three brothers who are Tamil speaking, and two of them who live in U.K. are known to British Intelligence as LTTE under-cover operatives. The Colombo-- based brother is a heavy drinker, and had been ordered by his two brothers not to rent the top floor to any tenant or even pay attention to what was happening upstairs. Since booze was supplied gratis to him, he was quite happy to close his eyes to the coming and goings on the top floor. That the Sri Lankan security had failed to secure the neighborhood of Kadirgama’rs residence despite he having been on the LTTE’s hit list, is further evidence that the Sri Lankan authorities are suffering from the “Stockholm Syndrome” of capitulating to their tormentors and are wholly incompetent to deal with the murderous LTTE.

Moreover, the Sri Lanka President’s first reaction after the murder was that the island government, despite the assassination of their Foreign Minister at his residence in the capital, would not suspend the so-called peace talks with the killers, a further indication of the same tragic syndrome that petrifies them. Sri Lanka thus seems a crumbling failed state that has lost its collective nerve to combat and confront terror.
,br> Hence, we Indians have to take stock now and decide what to do to remove the fault line in our policy towards the LTTE, and thus secure our geographical neighborhood. The LTTE, which could soon be legitimized by the Chandrika government aided by an inane Norwegian facilitation, will be a menace not only to Sri Lanka’s integrity, but more importantly to India’s national security because of that outfit’s links with India’s terrorists such as PWG, Naxalites, and ULFA, and with ISI of Pakistan and Al Qaeda [ which now has established camps in Chittagong, Bangladesh] and with separatist Indian political parties.

The LTTE is also guilty of the unforgivable perfidy of killing India’s former Prime Minister Mr. Rajiv Gandhi. Even if Rajiv Gandhi’s widow and his political party [of which he was President] show scant interest today in bringing to book the LTTE’s supremo Velupillai Prabhakaran for this crime against the nation, patriotic Indians cannot forget Rajiv’s martyrdom nor LTTE’s perfidy. India has to fix Prabhakaran someday by bringing justice to him for his lack of respect for India’s sovereignty that the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi represents.

Thus, India has a national security imperative and an unavoidable moral obligation to get involved to free the island of Sri Lanka of the LTTE’s treacherous terror, if for nothing else but to secure our own environment and punish those seek to overawe the people with terror.

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