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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 79

LTTE - Sri Lanka Government at loggerheads over the venue

[b]LTTE - Sri Lanka Government at loggerheads over the venue of the peace talks[/b]

[b]Colombo, 18 December, ([/b] The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam turned down the proposal put forward by the Sri Lanka Government about holding the Peace Talks in an Asian country. S.P. Tamilselvan head of the Political Division of the Liberation Tigers described the move by the Sri lanka Government as a ploy to prolong the peace Talks.

Tamilselvan while speaking with the media personnel in Kilinochchi candidly emphasized that they wanted the talks with the Sri Lanka Government should begin immediately. He further insisted that the talks should have to be held in Norway and in no other venues as suggested by the Sri Lanka government.

He also chided the Sri Lanka Government for depriving the representatives of the international community as well as diplomats from visiting Vanni. He alleged this act reminds of the past ethnic conflicts activities undertaken by the successive governments of Sri Lanka.

Tamilselvan met the media personnel after meeting Arumugan Thondaman, leader of the Ceylon Workers Congress, yesterday (17 December) at the LTTE’s peace secretariat in Kilinochchi.

Excerpts of the interview follow:

S.P.Tamilselvan: Today we met following a request by the leader of the upcountry Ceylon Workers Congress.

We discussed many issues. His contention was that the Tamils should work together and also remain united.

I also told them a few things very strongly. At several meetings with Tamil political parties as well as with the upcountry political parties our Leader insisted the same thing. Similarly if you wish to take up the same position then we really welcome it. We will give our whole hearted cooperation. An environment should be created wherever or whenever problems arise for the Tamils for all political parties to raise their voices jointly in those circumstances and all the Tamil political parties to work united in the interest of the Tamils.

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