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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 74

LTTE's struggle is not the Tamil's struggle

[b]LTTE's struggle is not the Tamil's struggle[/b]

"LTTE's struggle is not Tamil struggle. Tamil people are living in peace with Muslims and Sinhalese in the South. The problem occurs in the North only because of the terror unleashed by the LTTE, " writes Subodha Gunawardena.

In a letter to the Editor, Asian Tribune, in response to the article written by Mr. G. Amirthalingham "Tamil Struggle: The Need for self-determination," Subodha Gunawardena refutes the claim of the existence of Tamil Homeland in Sri Lanka. Also the writer declared that "In Sri Lanka Sinhalese were here even before Rama-Seeta story in India."

The full text of the letter written by Subodha Gunawardena, presently residing in Sunmeple Sakaigawa-203, Japan, is given below:

Mr Amirthalingam in his article "Tamil Struggle: The Need for self-determination" tries to equate the terrorism of LTTE in Sri Lanka with Pandavas' fight with Duryodana and also that of the American independent struggle. I must say that those two are completely different from the LTTE operations.

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