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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 82

Mahinda cold shoulders SLMC?

[b]Mahinda cold shoulders SLMC?[/b]

By Munza Mushtaq – Reporting for Asian Tribune

[b]Colombo, 21 December, (; [/b]President Mahinda Rajapakse seems to have cold-shouldered a Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC) request for an 'urgent' meeting to discuss the volatile situation prevailing in the North and East, sources claimed.

The letter was sent to the President on December 6.

SLMC Secretary General M.T. Hasan Ali said that his party wanted to discuss the problems faced by the Muslims owing to the atrocities by the LTTE, and the necessary measures needed to take to prevent such situations, which includes the killing and abduction of innocent Muslims in the Eastern province.

"It is going to be nearly two weeks since the request was made, and it is surprising to note the President's silence especially as it concerns a certain community's security," sources noted.

But the sources pointed out that as the President had already taken necessary measures to heighten security in the province following the meeting he had with National Unity Alliance Leader and Minister Ferial Ashraff, he probably didn't deem the meeting with SLMC as 'top priority.'

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