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Asian Tribune is published by E-LANKA MEDIA(PVT)Ltd. Vol. 20 No. 74

Mahinda envisages to build a new economy with social justice

[b]Mahinda envisages to build a new economy with social justice through his revised budget- 2006[/b]

[b]Colombo, 09 December, ( [/b]Sri Lanka President Mahinda Rajapakse, who is also the Minister of Finance, breaking with tradition went to the Parliament yesterday and presented a new budget based on his election manifesto ‘Mahinda Chinathana.’

The President explained the need to present a new revised Budget to keep in line with his "Mahinda Chinthana" , which promised that his Government during its 6 year term of office will implement policies towards building a New Sri Lanka with rapid socio-economic development.

He said, "As I explained to this house on the 25th November 2005 in my policy statement this manifesto now forms the basis for the next six year development framework in our country and my Government and I collectively and singularly remain committed towards a well sequenced implementation of this development programme."

The president said his government was committed to raising investment and accelerating economic growth toward 8 percent in the medium term. Estimated growth for 2005 is 5.4 percent.

He said the thrust of new government spending next year would be to boost the rural economy, health, education, information technology and infrastructure in the island nation of 19.6 million people.

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