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Is this man a dreamer or a schemer?

[b]Is this man a dreamer or a schemer?[/b]

[b]Clinton's sudden pullout ends Ottawa dinner
Questions swirl around business college founder[/b]

By Prithi Yelaja - Staff Reporter : Toronto Star

A Toronto businessman's gala to promote his vision for educating impoverished Africans, featuring Bill Clinton as keynote speaker, went up in smoke this week amid allegations that the key component of his plan — his own vocational college — delivered substandard education, reneged on promises to a foreign government, and owes back taxes and rent, plus more than $200,000 (U.S.) in refunds to overseas applicants.

Shelvan Kannuthurai, 41, had planned to launch his program for training hundreds of thousands of Africans — Professeurs pour la liberté (PPL) — on Tuesday at a dinner at Ottawa's Museum of Civilization, with Justin Trudeau, Archbishop Desmond Tutu's daughter, a Saudi prince and a slew of MPs among more than 800 invited guests.

On Wednesday, Clinton, who had been promised $150,000 to appear, suddenly pulled out of the commitment he made five months ago, citing scheduling conflicts, and the event was cancelled yesterday.

Kannuthurai said he believes Clinton's pullout is evidence of a conspiracy against him and his "big dreams."

"It's political interference at the highest level. I don't think Canada is ready to see an immigrant ... showing them a solution for (the) world's problems. You can pump gas, repair the car, wash the floors and cook the food, but don't teach us."

Allegations swirling around Kannuthurai's Toronto operation, the Canadian College of Business and Computers, include:

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